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This article is more of a discussion on Pokemon Moves.
I will discuss a few of my favourite moves and why I like them and than will ask all of you what your favourite moves are, and why.
Now before you can really have favourite moves, you have to know what every move does and how it can be exploited. Every move has a purpose; yes-even ‘Splash’ its purpose is to… Okay so maybe not every move.
Let’s take a look at a few of my favourite moves.

My first favourite move is one to foil plans [evil laugh] Taunt, this move was introduced back in generation 3. It’s a dark type move that does no damage, how ever what it does do is force the opponent into attacking you with only moves that do damage, so they can’t set up, they can’t status burn you, and they can’t heal. It’s a lovely move that is now used on every team. And now that theirs the new ability Prankster [introduced in generation 5] Taunt is guaranteed to a move you trust in.

Quiver Dance:
Known in Japan, as ‘Butterfly Dance’ This move is a new move introduced in Generation 5. This move has earned its spot as one of my favourite moves because of how incredible its effect is. It raises your Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and speed +1
It’s like using a calm mind and agility at the same time.
A few common threats that use this move are, Volcarona, Butterfree and my precious Lilligant. This move is perfect for sweeping and if the opponent lets you setup, even if it wasn’t by choice theirs a very high chance you’ve won.

This is a non-damaging move introduced in Generation 2. This move is so much fun to spam, the irony of your opponents Pokémon falling in love with yours on the battlefield is very silly and it’s why it’s become one of my favourite moves. Theirs great strategies built around Cute charm teams and honestly this move is actually extremely dangerous, yes it is all chance, like being confused. I did the nuzlocke challenge on Firered and if it wasn’t for my Clefable ability ‘Cute Charm’ I would have lost against Lance at the end of the elite four. It was a beautiful moment and even though all my Pokemon except Clefable died, it was all thanks to making the opponent fall in love that saved my life.

My original favourite move has and will always be Toxic. This beauty of a move has one a long line of battles for me, especially against Pokemon that would normally wall me. The whole idea of Toxic is once you have him poisoned, each turn the Poison gets worse (meaning the damage doubles) this ranks up very fast and a lot of people actually stall once the Toxic has successfully been executed.  However, for me I not only love Toxic when using it I also love when the opponent uses it on me. I know what you’re thinking. “What? Is this man a madman? Why would you want your Pokemon poisoned? OH THE AGONY OF IT ALL!! Well I use poison to my advantage, for the most part its obvious when an opponent is going to use Toxic, even the possibility of it should be taken in consideration. Especially with Pokemon well known for using the move. If you have a Pokemon who has Guts, Poison heal or is a Poison or steel type Pokémon this is your advantage to get a free switch in. Which can easily turn the tides of the battle.

Now that I’ve went over a few of my favourite moves and why I like them let’s hear some of your favourite moves and why you like them.  This article was more of an appreciation to Pokemon Moves because if it weren’t for them, everyone would just be struggling to survive. So before I ‘Splash’ off to train my Pokémon.

What’s your move?
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