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Thanks Atlus! Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament!

As ever, Atlus Faithful is still one of the only publisher newsletters worth reading, as they've just announced Steambot Chronicles Battle System for the PSP.

If you don't know about the original game, trot over to Games Time Forgot and get educated.

Now, I'll admit that I'm mildly disappointed that this is a battle game rather than a full-fledged sequel (I'd even like a full PSP port, it wouldn't be too hard), but at least from the screens it looks like a lot of the original charm is still there. Will I still be able to form a band and sing terribly redubbed songs on awkward rhythm minigames? I hope so!

Incidentally, Trotmobiles aren't actually powered by steam, they're powered by gasoline. Then again I suppose "Internal Combustion Bot[/i] doesn't sound quite so sexy.

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