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Pop Went the Lightbulb: A Thought RE: Sony's DualWand


I hate saying things that might contribute to the platform wars, and this is definitely one of those things, but bear with me on this*.

As I was re-watching the Trauma Team trailer for maybe the sixth time (that soundtrack is electric), the thought popped into my head: "Wouldn't this game be f'in BOSS if it were ported to the PS3 and made compatible with the DualWand?"

Note: My personal name for the Sony motion controller is "DualWand", because it's in two parts, and it sounds like DualShock. Makes sense, eh?

Not to say Trauma Team wouldn't be awesome on its current platform (the Wii), but viewing those demos of the DualWand's accuracy, I just couldn't help but think about it!

I don't intend to demean the Wii, honestly. I love its potential and it's opened up more opportunities for innovative, non-traditional gaming than any other platform thus far. But this new step in the technological arms race only pushes the portal wider, allowing for concepts that demand precision the Wii hasn't displayed (yet) to be brought to fruition.

And unlike, say, Project Natal, the DualWand uses physical controllers with buttons and triggers, bringing that system closer to emulating real-life remote and endoscopic surgery, which use waldoes and other physical armature-oriented devices.

Again, I hate making platform comparisons, but the DualWand (and the Wii Remote + Nunchuck) not quite the same as Natal, which uses no controller. Players would rely directly on camera feedback to copy the action of gripping and moving fingers, something that would be necessary to emulate the manipulation of said waldoes. Of course, further development would no doubt refine Natal's sensitivity, probably enabling that kind of precision in time. After all, only one of the aforementioned products is actually tested and proven in a real-world developer environment.

Now, please forgive this moment of console war insanity. Take this further Angie cheesecake as my apology.

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