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I think I know what I'll be importing from Germany

Germany's been getting kind of a bad rap of late. As one of the knee-jerkiest of knee-jerk countries when it comes to game violence and banning, German fans of violence have been deprived of the violence they are fans of.

This of course could lead to problems dealing with violent urges, so they need to be channeled away, preferably in game-related fashion.

German publisher Midas seems to feel that said channels involve suggestive food-eating, for they will be publishing the 2007 PS3 Strategy RPG Record of Agarest War (aka Agarest Senki) in Germany.

Agarest: Generations of War (as it will be known), will be featuring a lot eating, as well as some kind of "soul breeding" which allows the player to determine the appearance and statistics of his successors through his choice of party member to hook up with. Just like real life!

Of course, having people eat food in suggestive ways doesn't necessarily mean a game is good (it's a step, though), but if it turns out to be one, Germany will be a few dozen euros richer.

Incidentally, one of the developers, RED, was also partly responsible for my favorite strategy RPG franchise, Sakura Taisen. It seems that they've gotten a lot more comfortable with messy eating since then.

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