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Dragon Age footage: sex, blood, heavy metal, and a lot of brown apathy


This is probably old news, but a new (or old) trailer for Dragon Age: Origins popped up, and it contains a lot of stuff that could be expected, but was never really visualized when it came to coverage of the game thus far.

What do I mean? I'm talking sex and violence, of course. "LOL WUT," you say, "of course it's sexy and violent, that's almost a given!" And that's the point. As much as it's been talked up, most of the violence has been just that - talked about. The sex...that might actually have passed under the radar, but everyone knows that once you render smut, it doesn't get cut -- out of sequels and future IP .

Anyway, the trailer features a lot of cutscene killing, (tastefully covered-up) cutscene sexing, and loads of orange and brown, cued to absolutely terrible heavy metal music.

If I'm sounding rather down on the game, I can't help it. The more I see of Dragon Age, the less hyped-up I feel for it. Whenever I read Bioware talking about racism and violence and morality all kinds of "dark fantasy" stuff that they're going for, I keep thinking "didn't The Witcher do that already?"

Of course, it's not as if The Witcher holds the rights to having violence, morality and sex (and collectible cards) in a medieval setting, but I just get the feeling that they're not picking the right way to hype up their game to the jaded veterans who remember playing Baldur's Gate back when it was new.

We don't really want to hear about how your game will include moral choices: every game these days seems obligated to include them, not least of which all the games you've made to date. We also don't want to hear about how your game will be violent: we've played God of War and Wolverine, thanks.

What we do want to hear about is how your game will be complex, how your exact choice of origin story (hence the subtitle) will affect how a situation might turn out. When you talk about your moral choices, we want to hear about how you've decided to balance it out so that your choice doesn't feel like a black-white-good-evil-saint-jerk preference. Y'know, like The Witcher or Torment. And when you talk about the violence, we'd like to see it expressed in actual gameplay footage, rather than in easy cutscenes. And when you talk about sex, we actually don't want to hear about it, because it'll just get Fox News all riled up. Should've kept that a surprise if you ask me.

To be fair, you have talked about it. But not enough to keep me and those who might share my opinions from rolling their eyes when you mention the artificial distinction between "high" and "low" fantasy.

But I'm just a jaded veteran, who is already likely to buy your game on weight of legacy alone. You don't need to appeal to me because it's just a matter of time before I commit. I just hope that kind of legacy can live up to what a few Polish dudes managed to pull out. Also, I'd like an encyclopedia, ala Mass Effect. It was fun reading that.
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