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Do you know who REALLY won World War II?

The clans won World War II, with their Timber Wolf BattleMechs, as is shown by the footage below:

Seriously though, it's proof-of-concept footage for a BattleTech mod being worked on for the game. Frankly speaking, I'm almost disappointed that the original title was not a BattleTech game instead of a WWII game.

I've been quite intrigued by the utterly generic-sounding Men of War since glowing reviews and impressions hit the tubes, hailing it as the next Company of Heroes.

It turned out that developer Best Way had also created the turn-based Silent Heroes, which had the honor of being one of my best experiences with destructible environments ever.

A short story: I had been intending to assault a small Nazi-held mansion, and my riflemen and grenadier were waiting around a corner while my Russian dude prepared to launch a rocket at the gate.

As tends to happen, everything went to hell, and my squad was sent scrambling for cover in the nearby buildings. My Indian-born medic dived through a hole blown in a wall by a German Panzershreck, and I sent him climbing through a hole in the floor to a higher position. I ended his turn standing right in front of a Kraut with a submachine gun, and on his turn, his blast of fire happened to hit an exploding barrel, sending my poor medic through a new hole in the floor and, fortunately, to safety, seeing as the explosion also took out the unfortunate German.

We hear story after tiresome story about how the platform is dead and gone, how piracy ruined everything, how every good title is full of fail and "console-itis", and then we get The Witcher, Sins of a Solar Empire, King's Bounty, Empire: Total War, and this. Oh, and Company of Heroes. And The Orange Box (in terms of support the console versions are practically nonentities).

Sure, PC gaming isn't the dominant platform it once was (I still today lament the lack of opportunities to use my Saitek joystick/throttle), but it's hardly in decline. If that's the kind of experience Men of War can provide, I'm all f*cking in, this generation and beyond.

Now, excuse me while I apply a mod to Fallout 3 that expands the Galaxy News Radio tracklist by 100 songs. If I hear "Let's Go Sunning" one more time, I'm going to apply another mod and kill everyone in Little Lamplight.
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