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Oh hay, I wrote about a Macross game

As above, pretty much. I had been planning to do this for months on end since I watched Macross Frontier, but things didn't really pan out. Suffice it to say, it's awesome and you should go to Japanator and see it. Unfortunately it's old...


This came in the mail today

*squee* And alongside Bayonetta PS3 to boot. I'll be damned if it doesn't feel good to buy stuff with money you didn't know you had. Apologies for the crap picture quality/lighting. My camera sucks. If we scale her to my Master Chief ...


Sakura Wars is a localization hydra

I put this up on Japanator this morning, but since some of you don't go there >:(, I figured it was my duty as Dtoid's resident Sakura Wars fanboy to put it here, too. *Plus, I haven't posted in a while so hey, why not. Anyway, story t...


10 things you can do while Dtoid is down

Ideally, you will read this before everything goes down. In a weekend without ModernMethod network sites, you'll have to have something to do. If you're not inclined to go outside work some feeling back into your long-atrophied limbs, I've...


Persona PSP: I sure hope this is an in-joke

So Atlus sent out its newsletter, announcing an update to the Persona PSP remake website. It was the usual stuff, new videos, music, full soundtrack pack-in etc. They also announced that the characters page had been updated with three new ...


In other news, Dead Fantasy III is out

And it looks ridiculously awesome: Think what you will of Monty Oum and crew's work, but there's no question that they are experts in producing weapons-grade fanservice. For the record, I don't see what's so horrible about them. Fan ser...


Tragedy Alert: Eroge are OVER

If you've seen my C-Blog's header image, you might have noticed that the title says "Death by Eroge." It's a joke on how I'd like to die in a way somehow related to H-games. I'm thinking that that may never happen anymore, ludicrous as ...


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