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Something about Sex: OMG gheys lolololol wut

A curious thing happened to me the first time I was able to play the Sims. I had spent a good two or three years avoiding the game entirely, part because leading isometric polygons through the daily minutia that I loathed seemed like some ...


You'z trollin?

If I were trolling with my 10-second synopsis videos, I'd be putting a lot less effort into making them witty. Besides, if I wanted to troll, I'd just go into one of my classes and mack on a dude. Now THAT'S trolling! And flaming, mmhm...


Sony Games

Hey all, I sardonically criticized a vast number of Xbox games in the last post, and that's because I own an Xbox so I know what got to me about those specific games. Today, I thought I'd shift the focus a little bit, not to Sony games, p...


A smattering of stuff.

Sooo, as it turns out, the arrangement of blogs on Destructoid is a lot more like a message board than a Wordpress. Suffice it to say, I'm wearing my ass on my head right now for not taking the time to get acquainted with a community syste...


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This is a video blog I've been thinking about doing for a while now. It's a rapid-fire segment where I summarize a video game, technology development, or brand of cheese in ten seconds or less. The cheese might not get that much love, though, because I'm lactose intolerant.