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I got a robot -- Christmas came early edition

You read that right -- Christmas came early for me this year, and I got a Smoking Robot. If you don't know yet, check out Niero's explanation of the Destructoid/Smoking Robot connection. Anyway, the first toy in my big boy toy collection...


Monkey + Bulldog = so much win

Everything is so much better in Japan, even the non-native wildlife. Everything epic about this video is made epic-er by this one: Apparently, anything with enough yen can buy cake in Japan. Even simians. I'm simultaneously amazed at...


Needlepoint get!

Colette may have beaten me to the punch, but a slipshod gallery photo doesn't do this lovely creation justice. This hot piece comes courtesy of Craftster, and was made by some girl with too much time on her hands for some very lucky dude....


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