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Jose Pedro Abalos
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About Jose Pedro Abalosone of us since 4:18 PM on 07.25.2010

So... I'm a Chilean who's currently studying Computer Science with the purpose of creating videogames, so yeah, I'm a super nerd who enjoys a fuckton of stuff, from the obvious such as videogames and movies and music to others as "niche" as religion.

I got into gaming just like most people do, via the NES, but as my parents considered the NES "evil" (maybe because I woke them up at 6 AM to play Mario 2 on their bedroom :P), I could only play on a PC. Now I've reconsidered and basically have a PS3, Wii, PC, DS and PSP. Sorry 360 owners, don't flame me with the "HALO rox lol u suk monk dixs trollz".

Favourite games:
- Silent Hill Series
- Final Fantasy IX
- Tomb Raider 2
- The Last Express
- Any point n' click from Lucasarts
- If I remember it I'll put it here!

Currently playing:
CoD: Black Ops on PS3: tons of fun!
Just finished Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus :D

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