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To those who get a long weekend, enjoy! Monday will be quiet around here but we've got a few articles prepped. Stay cool.


Heads up: the front-page video should no longer auto-play and bounce around if you're logged in (via this or any other Dtoid Community page).


Here's a very specific fix for iOS folks (like me) who aren't staying signed into Disqus on front-page Destructoid articles even though they've already logged in using The Anthony Method.


Folks, thanks for bearing with the new site. Seriously. I know it's been chaotic, and some of the UI/UX is jarring especially after so many years of the same layout, but fixes and improvements are still coming in and we'll get through the growing pains.


Hey all, Dtoid will be extra quiet today, even for a holiday - we're updating the site tomorrow. It's not a "redesign," but it will be faster and look *much* better on mobile. And yes, you'll still be able to access Qtoid. Preview link in the comments!


Oh hey, I voiced my own review for Subnautica: Below Zero. Major props to Dan and Justin for handling the vast, vast majority of our video review VO needs (and all the edits). It's hard enough reading your own script, much less someone else's!


Hey all, we're looking for feedback on a new Dtoid project that we're testing out this month. Hit the comments for info.


It's only been a few minutes but I already love it!


Finally, finally finished the hard ending in Spelunky 2. I had every item I could want - except zero bombs! - got poisoned and had 2HP, found a bomb box in the boss arena, and took it out asap with stickies. My nerves didn't hit me until the end cutscene.


No VO or anything (I was just screwing around and realized I should book it for the speedrun trophy since I had good RNG), but here's me doing a near-complete no-secret-path run of Spelunky 2 for old times' sake.


Hope everyone on the West Coast is safe and has a plan. The fires keep inching closer here in Oregon. I've never even *thought* about wildfires as a tangible threat before where I live - I was always expecting the big earthquake instead.


Oh hey there's a movie discussion thread going in the Destructoid forums.


Hello Mr. Xbox, please make a new Fuzion Frenzy and throw it up on Game Pass.


Heads up that physical copies of Nioh 2 and Dreams are $20 on Amazon and Death Stranding is $18 at Best Buy right now. Good games!


We're talking about the worst collectibles in video games down in the Destructoid Forums, and you can join in. (Link in the comments.)


How goes the Animal Crossing fishing and bug hunting? There's a ton of new critters to catch this month in the Northern Hemisphere. A few of 'em look super similar.


The horse muscles in Last of Us Part II are insane.


[Extremely Nekro voice]: Hey, we're rolling out Dtoid forums again. Come join!


We've got several Resident Evil 3 tips going out tomorrow. My big one: don't leave the hospital without getting a certain very noticeable but very out-of-reach item box. Use Jill!


Excited to see everyone dig into Nioh 2 tonight/tomorrow. I think I'm gonna run one more tip article tomorrow (about quickly earning skill points in the Ninjutsu and Onmyo skill trees). FYI: Paralytic Groundfire traps are OP against humans/revenants.


Anyone digging into Yakuza 0 for the first time with Game Pass? I'm finally in a place to get Big Into the series again and I have just a few final skills / substories to mop up in Kiwami before I feel comfortable picking my Kiwami 2 save file back up.


I did not expect to boot up Bloodstained and play it for six hours straight. Gotta get those shards! (Heretical Grinder is my fav.)


Can you believe Dtoid is turning 13? What a wild ride it's been. Also happy birthday Niero!


~~Happy Friday, y'all~~ Got a moment? We're looking for a bit of community feedback on the site's layout/usability.


I miss Cool Ghosts. One day there'll be a third episode. One day...


Sahelanthropus spirit + Captain Falcon makes a lot of otherwise pesky World of Light fights pretty breezy. That said, holy hell this mode never ends.


Have any burning questions for the good folks behind Cuphead? Brett and I are doing an on-stage chat/interview/Q&A with Studio MDHR this weekend at EGLX.


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