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Sahelanthropus spirit + Captain Falcon makes a lot of otherwise pesky World of Light fights pretty breezy. That said, holy hell this mode never ends.


Have any burning questions for the good folks behind Cuphead? Brett and I are doing an on-stage chat/interview/Q&A with Studio MDHR this weekend at EGLX.


Into the Breach is just incredible. I like how bite-sized the battles are and how good it is at keeping you on your toes and encouraging different squads and tactics. Great game to play while watching something, too.


Monster Hunter pro tip: on the map screen, you can click in the right thumbstick on an icon (including resources, camps, and basically anything) to have your scout flies lead you there. It's super helpful in that dang wyvern egg forest mission.


I need someone to come over and stand watch to keep me from itching my arm. Ahhh!


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