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ALIENS Killing Floor


Tripwire Interactive's Killing Floor is a wave-based shooting game where you shoot zombies with a lot of weapons as a cast of interesting and funny characters. Since it's been connected to Steam Workshop, a way to collect player-created content and modifications (mods,) a group named the Wolf Pack Clan has released the ALIENS Killing Floor collection. Instructions on how and where to download it will be at the bottom of this post.

A lot of work's been put into this mod, and we can tell. The audio is spot on, with the aliens, weapons, and characters' voices and sounds coming straight out of the movies. You can choose between different characters from the Aliens, like Apone, Hudson, Vasquez, and Ripley herself. The mod features its own unique weapons, character models and classes, and enemies. You can choose to be a Medic, Rifleman, or Specialist, each with their own perks, much like their Killing Floor counter-parts. The aliens themselves come in a few flavors, too. Facehuggers, chestbursters, adult drones, leaping runners, and acid-spitting stalkers.

Another notable thing about this mod is its difficulty. Holy crap is it difficult. Playing on beginner is frantic, but easy to keep control of. Especially with a group, it's not tough to handle the waves. Even if you are in a group, though, the Alien Queen is ridiculous. She has no less than two or three times the health of the Patriarch (the normal boss for vanilla Killing Floor,) an instant kill melee attack (or maybe it's a two-shot kill... it happens so fast that no one's sure,) a Siren's scream, and to top it all off, she's huge and way faster than you. Good luck running away. The second I saw her, I began searching the levels for an airlock I could shoot her out of. No such luck. I shutter to think what it would take to kill her on the higher difficulties. The difficulty of the waves themselves spikes significantly when stepping up to Normal, as well.

The xenomorphs can climb the walls and ceilings

I seriously recommend WPC's Aliens Killing Floor to anyone who likes:

multiplayer first-person shooters
survival horror
Call of Duty's Nazi Zombies
Killing Floor
Seriously. You don't even need to like Aliens or know what it is to enjoy this game. Plus, it's free!

(You must own Killing Floor.)

Go to the Killing Floor Steam Workshop page.
Click the Collections tab.
Find ALIENS Killing Floor (it should be on the first page.)
Scroll down and click "Subscribe to All."
Launch Killing Floor
Look at the top right. You should see the mods downloading.
Relaunch Killing Floor when downloads are finished.

The Space Pirates Steam group:
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