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Helpful Hints for Blogging

Hi everyone!

I realized we've never actually done this before, so I figured I'd make a blog post just with some helpful tips and suggestions on what we're looking for in articles to promote. Some of it will be style stuff, some of it will be advice on making your post engaging/readable, and some (well, most) will be things you should do so that I have to spend less time editing your posts. (Gimme a break, I'm really lazy.)

Finally, if you DO get promoted, the following is very important. It shouldn't be an issue for much longer, but until then, you need to keep it in mind. I try to email everyone this info when I promote a blog, but sometimes I forget, and sometimes the email you registered with is a tossaway email you never check, so I want to say it here too:

* If your blog is promoted, it will disappear from your blog roll. If you go in to edit it, you will see a bunch of HTML gibberish and not the BBCode you are used to. DO NOT MAKE EDITS TO YOUR BLOG AT THIS POINT. Any edits you make will break the formatting, dump your blog back to the CBlogs, and prevent your story from being promoted. Additionally, any changes you make are very difficult and/or impossible to reverse, depending on what you've done. If there is something you need fixed or changed, email me at [email protected] and I can help you make the changes you want.

Let me know if you have any questions/complaints/insults in the comments!

TL;DR Version
* Tag Monthly Musings
* Italicize game titles
* Don't swear in title/first couple paragraphs
* Don't just write two paragraphs, but don't be Tim Rogers either
* Use the Dtoid image uploader
* Break up your post with pictures
* Give me a header image to work with
* Proof your writing
* Make sure people understand acronyms/game terms
* Blog for the sake of blogging
* Think outside the box
* Don't delete your stuff because someone else posted something similar
* Don't procrastinate
* Don't mess with your post after it's on/making its way to the front page
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