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Quick Blog- Wii Fit Plus impressions, videogame dreams, and 2010


So, Wii Fot Plus is better than I thought it would be. Of the top of my head I can think of about five times that the game has already blown my mind-

1) Using a Mii of my real life cat to attack a giant robotic mole

2) Getting crushed by a giant log while on a obstacle course located many miles above the earth

3) Entering a Wind Waker-esque cave while in-cased in a bubble, then being lit on fire

4) Having the balance board recognize how hard I was "flapping my wings" in the chicken-suit flight game, despite the fact that I didn't wasn't holding a controller in either hand

5) Being attacked by a Mii of Kevin Bacon dressed in snowman armor

Wii Fit Plus does a lot to embarrass other developers and their half ass attempts at balance board development. Really, a lot of these games are fantastic, as good if not better than those found in Wii Sports Resort. The biking in particular is notably better, as the same activity was actually in Resort. It's much more fun in Wii Fit Plus.

Will Wii Fit Plus change the minds of people who have already decided that they hate the game and everything it stands for? Well, if they are excited at all for Natal, then yeah, it just might. I really hope that 360 developers play Wii Fit Plus, particularly the obstacle course, bicycle, segway, skateboard, snowball fight, and chicken suit games. A lot of the other games are fun too, but those five feel particularly innovative. They take full-body motion controlled gaming into all three dimensions, something I'm not sure I've experienced since Prop-Cycle. This isn't just leaning left and right to bounce a soccer ball off your head, this is exploring a 3D space without using a controller at all.

Seriously, the chicken flight game is totally insane. I still can't believe it works.

That said, if the game were even ten dollars more, I'm not sure if I'd recommend it. For the most part, this is just Wii Fit again, except with 15 new games, 6 new exercises, a calorie counter, some custom options for personalized work outs, and the ability to make Miis of your pets.

I'm not going to lie though, making a Mii of your pet then sicking it on giant bastard moles is pretty satisfying.

I've been having a lot of awesome videogame dreams lately. The first I plan to try and recap is a reoccurring Resident Evil 6 dream.

The game takes place in a future where zombie outbreaks are semi-noraml, though they aren't OK. They're a global threat and everyone is terrified. Suicide "zom-bombers" are showing up in crowded places, on the private jets of public officials, etc, and biting down on G virus tooth caps, becoming zombies, and scaring the fuck out of the planet.

There are drugs to treat the virus now, but they are in high demand, and no one knows how well they will work, of if the batch they got was real or bogus. This makes every situation the player is in a potential death trap; death from zombie, or death from fear-driven, homicidal humans.

The protagonist of the game is a US Agent that's been promised retirement in a zombie-free underground camp if he takes out a terrorist cell in the Middle East. The game starts with him having a crowd of angry, terrified people bust into his apartment, searching for G virus repressing drugs. You can try to kill them, but if you do, they'll likely over take you, take your gun, and kill you.

Instead, you have to try and squeeze by them, get to the Embassy and regroup. In my dream there were like, 50-100 people all crowded together in the halls, yelling, crying, screaming, some trying to stick together, some completely "every man for himself".

As you're squeezing through them, you hear screaming. People start to try and push past you more aggressively, trampling those in around you, knocking you around in a what is effectively a giant human blob.In the chaos, you notice someone right next to you is grabbing onto another person in the crowd, and blood cascading into the air from their embrace.

No camera move is made to draw attention to this, no musical cue suddenly hits to signify it's importance. It's just a zombie eating a guy, right next to you, and you're stuck there. You can try to push through the crowd, but for all you know, some of them are zombies too, and or have just been bitten and soon will be zombies. You can draw your gun, but that will draw attention to you, and the crowd may try to steal it, kill you, etc.

In my dream, I quietly killed it with the knife by grabbing it from behind and severing the head from the body. Then I had to decide if I should kill the newly infected guy that the zombie had just been chewing on, help him, or just try to get the hell out of there.

Then I woke up.

I don't know if the game sounds as fun as it was in my dream, but trust me, the way I dreamt it, it was a lot of fun. I hope that with RE6, Capcom tries something totally crazy like this. To bring back zombies, and put them in the general public instead of in a sealed off mansion or a police station, could be an incredible time; something that could only be done with the 360/PS3.

I've been thinking about 2010 a lot lately. I'm really excited for a lot of the games still to come this year, but overall, 2010 is where my heart is.

Sin and Punishment 2, Dead Rising 2, Sakura Wars Wii, Super Street Fighter IV, No More Heroes 2, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom:UAS, Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Meat Boy all have me totally jazzed.

Is it just me, or does it seem like 2010 is a totally different looking year than 2009? So much super! It's shocking to see the pre-fix come back with such a vengeance.

Actually I feel like there a lot of other games coming out in 2010 that I care about, but I'm suddenly blanking on them. Maybe they are the same games you're excited about.

What game of 2010 do you give a crap about?
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