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My 3DS with +3000 streepasses (including Reggie IRL) will no longer take a charge or turn on. I got Nintendo to transfer my account to a new *New* 3DS, but those streetpasses are locked in there. Any tips?


Heard a rumor about the next Zelda that will make some nerds really happy and others very mad.


I can't believe how long Pokken's single player is mode. A true test of endurance. They totally could have ended it just now, but instead were like "HOW ABOUT A NEW LEAGUE OF FIGHTS JUST LIKE THE LAST 50 FIGHTS?!?!" Also, I'm drunk.


The devs of Chasm are playing one of my favorite games ever right now. https://www.twitch.tv/discordgames


Been thinking a lot about the TG-16, and how the music in games and cartoons back then is often so timeless, even when the rest is not.


Just spent the past 20 minutes in Zero Mission trying to pull off the shinepark-to-morphball trick that can score you early super missles, right outside of the door where you first fight the charge beam cyclops worm. I love this game.


The girl and the boy, fell in love in the elevator. Two months later, he hate her.


Woaaah, I'm judging a comedy contest with Emmanuel"Webster" Lewis tonight. Tickets here- http://www.eventbrite.com/e/boston-comedy-festival-stand-up-contest-prelim-1-tickets-13650343545?aff=eorg


I knew Bob Ross before he was cool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH52wA-QAMI&index=3&list=PLgIncSjwO2pj9cVJ61QHrFO2NQEm1mtSH


I explained the movies https://twitter.com/TronKnotts/status/658796040062160897/photo/1


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