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WTF Moments in Gaming History: Wall Street Kid

If you're like me, you remember the NES very fondly. You also remember the system for the genres that made the system so great. Sure, there was something for everybody, but generally you could count on plenty of platformers, side scrolling ...


Backlogged: Alpha Protocol

Just about every gamer has a backlog, and I am no exception. To try and keep mine managable, I will regularly pick a game I've been meaning to get to and complete it (or play as much of it as I can stand) before reporting my thoughts. That'...


My Completely Unnecessary (Re)Introduction Blog

Hello, friends, strangers, and men pretending to be women! I feel more than a little self-conscious writing an introduction blog, for a couple of reasons: a) I would rather the focus of any blog entry not be on me. My consoles of choice...


How Heavy Rain Pushes All the Wrong Buttons

A funny thing happens when I browse this fine site. Many times, I'm more interested in people's reactions (and the reasons for them) then the actual stories themselves. I find Destructoid not only to be an awesome place to get news and ...


Games and Crap (inFAMOUS edition)

So, as an underachieving blogger here at Dtoid, Iíve decided to find some of the barriers that keep me from blogging more often, and systematically eliminate them like some sort of genocidal dictator. Only, instead of leaving death and des...


Regarding E3: When Games Aren't Enough

Ask any gamer, and they will tell you that the most important parts of the game industry are the games themselves. That should seem obvious enough, right? With a nod to the consoles and computers that allow us to enjoy them, this entire...


Please, Justify Your EA Hate

So, in the last couple of months, I've read about EA doing a couple of cool things. One was sending a free game to those who had Rock Band peripheral troubles, and the other was bitch-slapping Fox News on behalf of Mass Effect and gamers e...


Free Year of EGM- No catch!

I'm quite sure someone may have posted this, but I will endure the flames in the hopes of helping my fellow Dtoiders get some free shit. Over at Joystiq.com they are offering a free year of EGM to the first 22,000 to sign up. Why 22,000? ...


Friday Rant: "Gimme Free Stuff, Waaaahhh!"

Usually my rants get some props, but don't attract real disagreements, lively debate, or even a few well-placed flames. I have a feeling this one will change that, and that's okay. Why? Because many of you are bitching for no good reason...


Monday Rant: Digital Downloads & Xbox 720, Bah!

What better day for a rant than a Monday, and what better subject than the inevitable progression in technology? Well, it seems inevitable if you visit any number of forums, gaming, or movie sites, that is. If you've been in a thread wher...


Video Game Tune Up: Mass Effect

I could have added yet another Mass Effect review to the heaping pile, like so many pimply-faced prepubescents slapping pepperoni onto Meat Lover's pizzas at Domino's. However, having noted that there are more or less two kinds of Mass Eff...


Wednesday Rant: Collect Deez Nuts

Many gaming conventions that were once commonplace have since been tossed aside, like personal hygiene when a new WoW expansion comes out. The days of extra lives, continues, and lame save points are largely behind us (though some are not ...


Reviews, Hype, and Your Mom

I've been meaning to write about my feelings on reviews and specifically, a lot of the hoopla about Assassin's Creed and more recently, Mass Effect, but with the Game$pot scandal and now the D-toid Mass Effect review, it's a bit more timely...


Rock Band Questions Linger...

Everyone's raving about Rock Band, and rightfully so. I'm sure I'll pick it up at some point, like most will. However, with the release mere days (DAYS!) away, a lot of questions remain. Paramount of them (to me, anyway): Just what will ...


About Jon Hartleyone of us since 12:39 PM on 04.26.2007

Formerly "akathatoneguy".

I've been on D-toid for quite some time, and I got into video games back in the NES days.

My console history pretty much goes like this...NES->Genesis->Playstation->PS2->Xbox 360 (+PS3). I've also briefly owned an N64, Dreamcast, and a bunch of portable systems. Because I missed out on a good three generations of Nintendo, I've also missed out on plenty of classics. Plus, I had years in high school where I didn't play games much at all, or stuck mainly to (gasp!) sports games. Have no fear, fellow gamers...I have since renounced my evil ways and opened myself up to worlds of amazing games that don't involve sticks, or...er, balls. Okay, I worded that awkwardly.

I'm also into sports, movies, and other stuff that is pretty much enjoyed by most everybody. My main hobbies are MMA (mostly watching, although I do jiu-jitsu and have done some kickboxing), the Chicago Bears/Cubs, and video games. I read comics when I have time in an effort to become a more well-rounded nerd, also. I'm finishing up college right now and I haven't worked a "regular" job in about five years now. Instead, I've been a freelance writer and written MMA columns at various sites (currently Fightmania.com).

I would LOVE to write about video games professionally, and I think I'm ready to do so. I've resurrected my c-blog going again partially in an effort to reach that goal, and partially because I just like to be able to connect with other people about the games I experience and topics in the gaming industry.

Inquiries, love letters, marriage proposals, and amazing job offers go to akathatoneguy [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @ItsJonHartley. I'll be happy to follow back fellow Dtoiders!

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