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Just Watched Panty and Stocking wth Garterbelt

Yep, Gainax never loses. Ever. Whether it be FLCL, Karekano, or TTGL, Gainax always delivers. Except for Evangelion. That shit scared the crap out of me. Anyway, some simple, to the point first impressions.

Screenshots of this anime don't do it justice at all. Some people have likened it to Powerpuff Girls but it is actually something far, far more complex. Imagine a 2-D world that still throws your head for a loop by playing with your sense of scope, draw distance, and object sizes. Its like Gainax forgot that 2-D is flat and just did its own thing. Seriously, though, they've done an amazing job in creating this animation which flows and moves like you wouldn't believe.

The jokes are funny. If I wrote them down on paper they wouldn't be. For example, giant shit monster, or a literal speed demon. Not that hilarious. What makes them funny are the different ways that the characters and environments work together to deliver the joke. It's like the surroundings morph to accommodate the best delivery of a joke. So lots of body and setting humor is what I'm trying to get across.

Some in jokes are present for Gainax fans. Look for a change in animation style about 6-7 minutes in. It's like Gainax is flexing its animation muscles by showing that it can still animate in its older, more detailed fashion. You know, just to show that it can.

Also, trailers don't do this show justice. Gotta watch it for real to enjoy the ebb and flow of the show, to understand jokes as they are set up and knocked back. A trailer actually put me off the show but watching it is a whole other story.

Lastly, the girls are hot. The way they are animated just oozes sexual appeal. Call me a pedo, whatever, but Panty and Stocking could rock me any day. And last time I checked, at least Panty is legal. I hope.

A clip of one of the featured scenes in the first episode. It's a highlight so if you don't want to spoil yourself, don't watch, but it does a great job of showing off the show.

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