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I finally have all three systems (^.^) yep took a while and some saving up also. I am a college student living in NY its a busy place with people who are always in a rush to get somewhere. I happen to be one of the few who take my time getting places im usually fashionably late. I like video games and im not a big fan of reading books. Out of all three systems i like my PS3 more thats why i have two of them a Japanese 20GB version and the 40GB US Version. I don't play my wii as much as before i have smash brothers and it just sits there collecting dust, and my 360 is only for the X-box exclusives im not really a fan of X-box and the whole idea of paying extra $$ to play on live.

Im eventually going to buy a Macbook and Probably a PC with Linux as well i enjoy computers and media and blogs and all that other good stuff. I dont read books much because i dont have the patience to wait for the story im the type of guy that likes the fast forward button sometimes ;-) I like anime and other geeky stuff im always on the go and i love destructoid mobile it helps me get through my day i dont have a laptop yet so it helps me greatly my cellphone that is. Um i think thats all for now until i can come up with more...