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PC FNF League of Legends

Round 2. Though technically it should be round 1 since last week we got off to a slow start due to an emergency I had to attend to. This week's LoLFNF will be held at 10PM EST until 1AM EST. If you are interested in playing leave your su...


A New FNF Appears!

Fellow DTOIDers! As you know many members of our community get together Friday nights and play games. Well this upcoming Friday June 3rd, I will be hosting a new FNF which I hope to get into the regular rotation. Its a game you've heard and...


In a Viral Minute #6

And just as 321GoCast has returned so has In a Viral Minute. Arenít you excited? This time on IaVM I will be discussing a whole bunch of things, a monthís worth of things actually since I have been away from IaVM for such a long time. So ...


In a Viral Minute #5

And Welcome back to another edition of In a Viral Minute. Iím JohnnyViral, and I hate you on the internet. As of the writing of this blog there are 2 and Ĺ weeks left until PAX Prime. This means that the PAX hype should reach an all time ...


In a Viral Minute #4

Welcome back to yet another edition of In a Viral Minute, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood JohnnyViral, and the letter S. As of the writing of this blog PAX Prime is only 29 days away, shits getting close. As you can see I ha...


In a Viral Minute #3

And here we go again for another edition of In a Viral Minute. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood JohnnyViral, and this week also brought to you by the letter R. Starting with this post Iíll be initiating a small countdown to PAX ...


In a Viral Minute #2

Hey there DTOID, and welcome back to In a Viral Minute. First off let me thank all of those who commented and read my very first In a Viral Minute last time, thanks for the support and I hope this new one doesn't suck. I'll open this on...


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