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321GoCast: A retrospective


The end my friends

One last thing Id like to tell you guys about 321GoCast is just how ridiculous this whole thing has been. Coming from being a no name community member, who lurked for a while, change his username and was an avid listener of all the dtoid and community shows, it just is surreal to be writing this right now.

I have had a very weird success in my life with this show. I have grown as a person, gained friends, a reputation, recognition and just overall satisfaction with how I run my silly little round table show. I just want to finish this up before I tear up and thank everybody involved with the show, everybody who has ever listened, subscribed to our RSS feed and iTunes, Dtoid.tv for letting 4 guys with no idea what to talk about most of the time take up a Sunday evening time slot for about a year or so, and I personally want to thank my friends in the Goof Troop for being there for me and the show for such a long damned time. Three years of 321GoCast and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Thank you everybody.

[Here are two fun little segments from past shows if you have never seen or heard 321Go before. Here and here More highlights can be found on the Dtoid.tv highlights page!]
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