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Hey is this true?

Ok around 8 P.M yesterday I ran across the rumor that some key people left Retro studios. I read it on Sufer girl blog so i really didn't believe it that much.. PLus the wording on the blog was worded really weird... I was hoping someon...


A real FPS for the Wii?

High Voltage is making a real First Person shooter for the Wii that is going to be entirely new. I think this might be a start of something really good and probably much needed. This game looks to be putting some work for graphics whores...


Its ALIVE!!! bout time

Thank god, this game might see some damn daylight. I hope this is the game Reggie was talking about during the Gametrailer interview that hardcare gamers are wanting. Anyone want to take bets if Disaster is going to be a hit or miss. ...


Tha Forumz Hates me..

For now at least.. I am trying to send PM's to people to let them know that I added them to brawl. It keeps telling me that I can't post message back to back at this time. I've waited a while and still get the same message.. So here ar...


I haz mah Wii Back!!!

Finally.. I got my fucking WII back after after going fucking insane without shit to do on Spring break.. I can only put so much money on strippers to feed their kids .. Any who I put my brawl number in the forums and here in my blog.....


About Johnny Blazeone of us since 11:50 AM on 01.06.2007

Hey what's good Robots... I really don't have a Fanboy class. I am too old for that bullshit to have a favorite console... Cough Nintendo Cough.. Anyway I don't own a motherfucking thing beside debt. The only thing i own that is remotely cool is my Wii and my car.. I am a broke ass college student that is finally graduating this year. I am going for News reporting.. I would like to be a host on a cool Gaming Network.. So if Mr. Niero or Mr.Ron "I fuck Sheep while Drinking Paps Blue Ribbon" Workman want to venture out to televison give me a call.. I am black so I know you guys can dig free labor...

I am really diggin the 360 alot more... So I might have to do some nude modeling for art students to get one...

I don't know how hardcore I am when it comes to gaming. I have a terrible habit of playing a game and not beating it all the way.. I just beat Metroid Prime last year and I bought it two years back..

But recently with the Wii. I been beaten games like I do my Meat.. Good shit huh!! The games I own on the Wii are Red Steel, Zelda TP, Harry Potter OOTP, ..

IIght Robots i am out...

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