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Hype: The Denail of Hype Couldn't Save You.

I've decided that for this response I'd like to talk about how hype led me to experiencing one of the worst gaming moments ever (for me at least).

Have you ever had a game come into your knowledge that just by looking at it you should have known it was going to be bad? The hype and marketing clouding your judgement with only promises of good things to come. You'd go to school and continue this disatorous train by talking about it with your friends and then they would get hyped and then get you hyped more. Did you use this hype to try and ignore your more logical kin and their points about things such as simple fact. Then did you through sheer force of denial try to tell yourself that they'll pull it off or that it won't be a child destroying abomination.

Not what I was refering to but I certainly tried to find good in it for purely delusional reasons.

No what I'm talking about is none other than the shame of the force itself.

No not... well okay this too but not right now.


Of course the contex should be given that when this came out I was yet a cynical adult and was still trying to cling on to hope that Star Wars could be saved. I was the guy that tried to find good things in the prequels or ignore all the plot holes in the expanded universe. I was a dreaming who honestly wanted to play a fun game that let you take force powers to the logical extreme. I was wrong and now is the story of the fallout.

Now I could focus on things like the nonsensical story, un interesting characters, bad story, somewhat pointless lightsaber combos, or the poor story. I could but instead I will focus my rage on the one bit of the game that had fueled the hyped delusion of hope. Pulling down the Star Destroyer with the force.

This was probably the most focused on thing in the marketing it was the thing people would pull out whenever they wanted to show why you should be pumped for this game. Then when my own personal frenzy to preform such a feat had reached a cresendo I ended up playing it.

There was only one thing that I could say afterwords to contextualize the sure soul crushing/childhood killing rage I felt at that moment. On the 360 version the button prompts for the sequences at times appear as the opposite of what you are supposed to do!

Nothing but lies.

Not only was this game already suffer from more quick time events than Gugans on Naboo but they had the gall to ship the game when some of them didn't even work?! In fact due to at the time my more stubborn nature instead or stupidity take your pick I just ended up activating an invincibility cheat and discover the truth on accident when I had run out of ideas. This was probably the biggest one 180 of hype to rage turn around I had ever experienced and the programers should be ashamed.

Though luckly it isn't like all of the hype and marketing led to this game selling a crap ton of copies because of the Star Wars fans in denial crowd to get a another game am I right?

I hate all of you.
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