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You know it doesn’t get talked up enough how nice the physical edition of Cyberpunk 2077 is.


EVGA exiting the GPU market is a big deal for PC gaming. That’s where the bulk of their money comes from so really feeling for their employees. Surely going to lead to layoffs.


The top 8 for SFV was utterly insane. What a send off for what might be the final appearance for this game at EVO.


Tease Tekken 8, beat the shit out of commentators, leave with no explanation. This is the Harada way.


Still no announcement of rollback netcode for Granblue Versus. Yikes.


Do you still buy into console war stuff?


Remember people talking about the Street Fighter logo and how it was really obvious it was a placeholder logo but some people didn’t listen and just raged despite that?


"Love will make you do crazy things" is rarely ever a positive statement and typically used by abusers.


Wish more games adopt the map design of Elden Ring. It’s so good.


If there was one thing Cyberpunk did right that every other game should immediately adopt, it's in giving background NPCs their own subtitles. That should be the norm.


Wish the Quest just focused more on VR gaming.


Pokemon Legends is the Pokemon game I always wanted.


In the VR world, I feel like a lot of talk is gonna be about Zenith this week and the whole idea of a legit VRMMO. Feel like as a result Wanderer is gonna get overshadowed. It is such a pretty VR game and the premise of a timey wimey escape room is neat.


Microsoft throwing that fuck you money around today.


FFXIV isn’t just my favorite MMO, but my favorite Final Fantasy game in general. Endwalker really cemented that feeling and I can’t wait to see where they take the story from here.


Feel bad about the dev team for FFXIV. Game is wickedly popular and this is their biggest launch yet. But it's coming during covid and their hands are probably tied due to the supply chain being what it is. Still, great that so many people are playing.


Upload VR had their VR showcase today and holy hell I think they come out strong. Bunch of fun/cute games got announced. Probably one of the biggest is Cities getting a VR version.


I'm thankful for Baku Ane Otouto Shibocchau zo


Alien: Isolation but instead of Alien it’s Jurassic Park instead


Halo Infinite rumor was real LETS GOOOOOO


You know despite not being around in the gaming industry as long as other companies, Microsoft is killing it here with the celebration of their history and this 20th anniversary.


Either we get Halo today and play. Or we don’t and take yet another step in our day towards the eventual singularity where our minds and souls will be thrown into the void and utterly destroyed only for what’s left to be reformed as a single entity


Twitch is on the Nintendo Switch. You can’t stream. The live feed you get is iffy. The only way to chat is to use a QR code which opens the Twitch app on your phone. What is the point of this thing????


GTA San Andreas got announced for the Quest 2. Holy hell


Master Chief is best known for defying the odds and coming out on top every time. Master Chief is John Cena.


RE4 VR is a good time. Not a fan of it being a Quest 2 exclusive though. Feel like this would help the platform as a whole if it were on Steam. Real shame it isn't. Makes a great case for porting old AAA games to VR.


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