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Mutual respect between developers

For a long time now, game developers have been working either alone or together, making some "partnerships" and so on, in order to get their products out to the public. Some times, there are some "coincidences" between products, which bel...


The journey of an aspiring game journalist

As my very first entry around here, I'd like to do a short follow-up on my currently ongoing series "So I heard you want to become a professional game journalist?", which I'll summarize in a bit. Firstly, let me introduce myself, I'm JohnH...


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Hello there, John here!

I've been gaming my entire life, ever since I remember, I love gaming, and even more, I love writing about gaming.

With 2 years experience, I'm an aspiring game journalist that tries to cover as much as possible about what's going on in the gaming industry.