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Neat Minecraft skins Pt. 2 :short-ish blog:


Tron Bonne

Lily- From MML3's Heroine contest, I still prefer her over the witch touching game chick that somehow got first place.

Frank West- From Dead Rising/Case west, he will go great with Chuck Greene :D

Kit Ballard- A special someone loved the crap out of Blade Kitten, so I decided to make this skin for her.

Thats it for the second batch!

[vvv Previously Made Ones vvv]

Chuck Greene- Dead Rising 2

Megaman Volnutt- Megaman Legends series

Servbot stuck in MV's suit- Just a little twist cause servbot's body design doesn't work that great

Zombie Hobo Builder- An original, doesn't come from any game... the invisible bits don't show up in game though, I don't think.

Can I has whitelist please? User name is Gunneh...

Happy Minecraftan!
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