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Monster Hunting Night -MHTri- Nubs Welcome


Join me and others in hunting monsters and material farming! Me and Wilbo are nub friendly (depends...) High rankers and have really nice weapons.

-Need help killing that Barroth that caused you to be mud? NO PROBLEM!
-Need help getting that one plate after all your friends crafted the whole suit already? NO PROBLEM! (maybe...)
-Need help on urgent quests? NO PROBRLEM

Heck we'll even give you free burnt meat, what a great deal! (while supplies last)

If you have skype then add my skype name "johzho" and we'll be able to communicate and help each other out on quests and such, because Wii speak sucks!

If you don't have skype, then use your USB keyboard, we won't be able to reply often on HR quests because of this guy right here.
He sure loves dem blue meat
But we'll be happy to reply once we get the chance to.

Just comment on this post with your character name and details if you want to join the hunt!
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-Seeing awesome titles that will never see the light of day.
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Would like to see:
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