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Neat Minecraft skins Pt. 2 :short-ish blog:

Tron Bonne Lily- From MML3's Heroine contest, I still prefer her over the witch touching game chick that somehow got first place. Frank West- From Dead Rising/Case west, he will go great with Chuck Greene :D Kit Ballard- A specia...


Monster Hunting Night -MHTri- Nubs Welcome

Join me and others in hunting monsters and material farming! Me and Wilbo are nub friendly (depends...) High rankers and have really nice weapons. -Need help killing that Barroth that caused you to be mud? NO PROBLEM! -Need help get...


Capcom Minecraft Skins :Shortblog:

Here's some pretty neat Minecraft skins I made. I hope you enjoy them. Chuck Greene- Dead Rising 2 Megaman Volnutt- Megaman Legends series Servbot stuck in MV's suit- Just a little twist cause servbot's body design doesn't work that gre...


Why I Love Destructoid

Why I love Destructoid? If I didn't love Destructoid then I wouldn't have been here now would I? Everything is just really cool about this site, listening to podcasts, reading Cblogs and countless other things. Like many other people, t...


Hello, my username is obviously JoZo...

JoZo- Reads: I find it hard to sit down and read a good book... but if I ever do finish a book, it would have to be something I'm really interested in. ex. Ender's game, simple but still pretty good IMO. I kind of prefer art books over n...


My slew of cartridges let me show you them

A lot of people has been showing their game collections, but I haven't seen any GBA carts and stuff. So I decided to spice things up. :P Listed from top left downwards in a column excluding DS carts: Megaman zero Megaman zero 2 Megaman ...


About JohZhoone of us since 6:51 PM on 03.20.2009

-Any genre of video game with exception of the sports genre.
-Games with the option to change to the original VA language.(not necessarily "like" the game itself, but it is a really good option to have...)
-Playing arcade oriented games with an arcade pad instead of using controller.
-Rhythm games.

-Seeing awesome titles that will never see the light of day.
-Getting very interested in a title and then notice that it is a really old title that is very rare and overpriced.
-People flaunting their stuff just because they can play a game much better than you can on the first try.
-Broken arcade machines...

Would like to see:
-A lot more of figurines/action figures of various video games.
-More arcades being implemented in various places (ex. malls etc.etc.).
-Japanese arcade cabinets in said places ^^^