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Great Isn't Good Enough

There are a lot of journalists and game developers out there trying to figure out how to keep the market profitable for everyone, especially in the triple A market. Games are selling millions of copies yet still showing losses; something ...


Masters of Fear: Decay Part 1-4

How do you scare a player when they can’t die? With no combat and only a handful of ways to earn an inconvenient reload, the episodic Decay series does all of its work through atmosphere and subtle music. Sure, there are a few jump scares...


Masters of Fear: Splatterhouse

“Help Me!” Splatterhouse could have just been an excellent brawler if not for those words. Sure, it had horrific elements in its oozing, seeping enemy design and in its creepy atmosphere, but I wouldn’t have called it a horror game until...


Masters of Fear: Sweet Home

Sweet Home is one of the earliest and arguably most important entries in survival horror. If the fact that it was the inspiration for Resident Evil isn’t enough (right down to the opening door loading screens), then there’s the chilling ...


Horror Darlings: Saturn 9

Saturn 9 managed to do a lot of great stuff in a short amount of time. Seriously, if you want to have a couple of good scares and only have a half hour to play, it'll do the job. It's also got some really neat ideas that I haven't seen i...


Masters of Fear: Resident Evil

For console horror, Resident Evil is where it all began. It may not be the first, but it’s the game that put the genre in people’s minds. It was my first horror game, and it completely changed the way I looked at games. Having to count bu...


Horror Darlings: I Can't Escape

In my first run playing I Can't Escape, I didn't make it out. There is a way out of the dungeon, and I felt like I was getting pretty close for a while, but then I started to fall down. And down. And down. It should have been easy to dodg...


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I love horror games. If you scare me, I will give you money. I also love terrible games, as it's a lot harder to make a game that's so bad it's hilarious than it is to make something that is just bad.

For some reason I'm not super clear on, I am obsessed with J. Jonah Jameson.

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