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Child of Light: Confessions (Introduction)

Not sure if there's any demand for these to be read but having just finished the game and having just read through all of the Confessions I felt it might be cool to write them down for people to read should they feel like.  For those that haven't finished the game, don't worry, there doesn't seem to be any spoilers within these confessions, most of them touch on the culture of the world within the game.

I'm not sure what they add to the story but they were cool to read.  The first 9 Confessions are told by someone important to the story (trying to avoid spoilers) while the other 7 are letters written by someone from the future.  If there's anything people feel like discussing about these confessions feel free to post in the comments, just know that comments are completely open to spoilers so read with caution.

I'm not sure how much room these blogs allow (as I don't write many) so I think I will post four blogs with four Confessions each, I will also try to write one blog a day over the next few days. 

Enjoy :)
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