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This is why I love Goozex: Episode II - Magna Carta


Today was a good day. First I scored a complete copy of Magna Carta, complete with art book, poster and outer box. Hot shit!
Also, I got a game called Ribbit King because I was trying to help a friend, but I ended up getting matched with a different guy who took pity on my request and decided to throw in a little bonus with the game. That bonus? The Official Strategy Guide to Lunar Silver Star Story. I call that a victory.

I ask now, if you still aren't a member of Goozex, what the fuck are you waiting for? ESPECIALLY if you've seen my previous blog. I mean it's not like you HAVE to give games up... you can buy some points and sit on them until you get matched up for something really good. Or you can always unload those games you don't touch and don't plan to touch ever again. I'm sure you have some shitty games lying around that you'll never touch again, and it's obvious that there is some seriously good stuff out there waiting for new owners.
Plus hell, if you sign up via my trading dashboard below, you get a free trade credit and 100 points just for signing up. You know what that means? A free 100 point game just for checking the site out.

To those who signed up through my previous blog I ask this, how's it workin for you so far? I think like 4 people signed up and I know I got bonus credit for two of you, so share your stories.

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