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Contest: Win a Nintendo Switch from Destructoid

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My sweet ass guitar

So, a little bit ago, Destructoid had that contest where you had to show yourself rocking out. There were a bunch of entries and the winner would be the lucky recipient of a Pepsi themed Rock Band Guitar. Only 50 to ever be made! (and by...


That One Mook: Visions

I've faced many asshole bosses in my days. I've been a gamer for a good 90% of my 28 years alive. Started off with Colecovision as a youngin and I'm still going strong to this day. I've taken them all down. Ganon, Bowser, Robotnik, Kefka...


Who wants to start a NEW EGM? Look at that, EGM shuts it doors and now Hardcore Gamer is selling it's magazine on eBay for $42K Let's all chip in, buy it and start up Destructoid The Magazine. We'll featur...


MAGFest 2009 - The Aftermath

So, this past weekend all the cool kids went to MAGFest in Alexandria Virginia. It was a 4 day party of gaming, music and alcohol and it was sweet. As one of the few true 7 year veterans, I'm somewhat beyond getting for the actual gaming a...


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