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Guess which boy just remembered his Dtoid password. Hint: it was me.


Monstertoid? Monster Monday? *cracks knuckles* This day was made for me.


All I want to do is play Furi... but my PS4 controller won't sync.


I know it was all announced last week, but today is my last day at Destructoid. I'll pop back in when I'm able to, but thank you so much to you lot for making the time I've been here great! First writing job at a major site, and I'm so proud of Dtoid! <3


My entry for Villaintoid: Saren Arterius from Mass Effect. Not huge on BioWare games, but Saren is just so well written. Ruthless, scary, but also really tragic.


I don't really know what to say at the moment, other than thank you all so much for the fantastic last year and a half. I love this site a whole bunch. <3


So I'm now officially Destructoid's Hardware Editor! I am literally Robocop and/or Iconic Watch Dogs Guy.


Trying to learn how to not be awful at drawing, so here's an angry Vol'Jin because I love him.


I committed the cardinal sin today. I bought 3 months of WoW time.


Lying on my bed and playing Victor Vran with the Steam controller. This is the life.


Just realised tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of me starting writing for Destructoid! Thanks for the fun year everyone, hope the next year is even better!


Going to give it until the end of this week for you to send me pictures of what you play on! http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Joe+Parlock/i-m-working-on-a-feature-and-i-want-to-see-your-gaming-setups-if-you-ve-got-a-cool-pc-rig-tv-room-or-just-take-pri


Honestly the most exciting thing I've seen in this Direct so far.


Here, have a photo of my nerd crap shelf.


I'm reviewing the Razer Mamba at the moment, but I just needed to share how god damn pretty this thing looks when it's on the charging base.


I'm working on a feature, and I want to see your gaming setups. If you've got a cool PC rig, TV room, or just take pride in where you game, I want pictures and details! Show me what you've got!


I spent all last night playing Day of Defeat: Source. If only Valve gave it even half the attention it did to TF2 or CS:S...


Ursaring is the best pokemon, followed shortly by Meganium. Duh.


Just finished Dark Souls 2: SotFS. I'm all caught up and ready for Dark Souls 3 now!


Anyone who isn't saying Raph is the best turtle is objectively wrong.


My Blade & Soul character looks pretty rad, in my oh-so-humble opinion.


January 15th, 2016: The day I finally beat Dark Souls.


PC upgrade results: Constant 60FPS in Fallout 4, GTA V, and Neverwinter. Not baaaaad!


Today's the day I upgrade my PC! Here's hoping it's a fairly easy upgrade...


Dark Souls finally clicked for me yesterday. It's still got a lot of problems, but I'm finally having some fun with it now. Currently on my way to the Duke's Archive after placing the Lordvessel.


Hah cool, it's been about 9 months since I started writing for Destructoid. Any babies born in the next week-ish must be named after me in honour of this event.


Just beat Bloodborne for the first time. :D


Back on the news rounds this morning. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year!


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