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Original Memes, Humor, & Closeups by Jinx

Over the last couple years I've ended up making quite a few game memes. Since they are original and most of you haven't seen them I figured it might be fun to share. They are slightly biased toward PC gaming, but... well, there are plenty making fun of PC gamers, too, trust me ;)

I also included some other game-related images I'd put together. There are several "closeups" of things in games - often things like text that you can't normally read unless you are zooming in like crazy at high resolution on PC. Most of them are just humorous, others actually add a bit to one's understanding of the game in question. There are also a few interesting comparisons of modern games and their predecessors from the 80s/90s.

Anyway, hope some of these give you a laugh :)

Some random little memes...

Some bigger memes...

My friend Kelly decided Shadow was "Goth Sonic"...

I might have been drunk when I did this one.

There's a bug in Skyrim where Ilia won't wear her clothing...

Yeah, those things on the brothel's nightstand are what you think they are.

"Gauss Gun". So that's what they call them in cyberpunk. (game=Syndicate)

And I bought the game immediately after. Bastards.

Yet it's still the third highest-selling PC game ever...

Well it is.

From Dungeon Defenders... truly the perfect weapon for me.

A frustration all gamers can share.

I blame Alienware for making PC gaming look expensive. It's not.

"Rage" indeed.

This next batch is inspired by Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation portrayal of "dirty console gaming peasants" and "glorious PC gaming master race". Sorry if they hurt your eyes x_x

Mocking PC gamers...

Mocking console gamers...

Next are some pics showing closeups of text that is normally very hard to read (and a few other closeup-type things).

I think anyone who got on that ship was just asking for it. (Star Trek Online)

You don't need a closeup to read this number, but it's an easter egg of sorts.

Funny, but not quite the secret insight into Adam Jensen I was hoping for. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)

This was actually pretty fascinating. Never heard of a game that attempts to fit New Game+ into its actual mythology.

From Lilith's "lair". I suppose she had a lot of time to kill... (Borderlands 2)

"Multiple Head Syndrome" hmmm... (Borderlands 2)

Goth/industrial cred? EYE: Divine Cybermancy's got it.

"That's no moon." Handsome Jack's DeathStar-ish moon that he uses for orbital bombardment and to deploy Hyperion assault robots. (Borderlands 2)

Still wondering about Jack's space station... I expected it to be the final destination in the game, but we never learn anything about it. If you look closely the metallic part is casting a considerable shadow across what looks like a natural 'moon', suggesting it's actually separate from the moon itself. Not sure if the craters match up, either, so it might not even be in geosynchronous orbit (ie the moon is rotating but the space station is always facing Pandora). Light sourcing in the game seems to come from the station/moon, too, even in daylight. Not even sure I remember seeing a sun on Pandora...? Does any of the DLC explain what the space station is? I've only played the first one.

Finally, I was randomly inspired to make a few images comparing modern games to games that preceded them.

I remember playing Dugeons of Daggorath on the TRS-80...

Think I played the former on an Apple II... and yes, the "E" is the Enterprise. Awesome graphics!

Two of my favorite games. Trine 2 looks way better at native 1080p.

Like Trine 2, you really can't tell how create Generations looks this small but you get the idea.

Hope you enjoyed some of these, feel free to tell me how not-funny most of the memes were lol.
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