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Indie Gems by Jinx - Steam Indie Spring Sale Edition

With Steam's Indie Spring Sale going on, I thought I'd highlight some great indie titles I've played that seem to get overlooked. I have included mini-reviews for each, plus media and links to make checking them out quick and easy! I start with some lesser-known titles before covering a few that you may already know. This is limited to games I've personally played, and which are currently part of the sale.

Fly'N on Steam - demo

"A truly charming game, and one of the best to come out of the 2D revivial that's been happening. Fly'N has 4 characters, each with unique skills that keep the gameplay fresh as you progress. Great animation and visual style, and an amazing soundtrack (get it, too!). The kind of game where you turn out the lights, turn up the volume, and totally lose yourself in a wonderfully imaginative world."

If you can watch this trailer and not want Fly'N you have no soul.

Vessel on Steam - demo - Destructoid Review

"Intriguing game. Though it has some platforming elements, it is primarily a puzzle game. The gameplay is challenging and original, and the "fluros" are a clever, creepy concept. The audio is fantastic; everything from the electronica soundtrack featuring Jon Hopkins' music to the subtle sound effects and fluro 'voices' contribute to the game's ambiance. If you are looking for something fresh and interesting, this is it."

Like Fly'N, Vessel is a game to be played with the lights out and sound up.

Capsized on Steam - demo

"Nice little indie platformer. The graphics are hand-drawn and hyper-detailed, and the music is wonderful. The guns are excellent, though physics is a powerful weapon as well via grav-gun style gameplay. Overall, a great choice for anyone who likes 2D metroid-vania style games."

Capsized, really gives the feeling of being lost on an alien world.

Titan Attacks on Steam

"Titan Attacks is heavily inspired by Space Invaders, Galaxian, etc. It is set in the same universe as Puppy Games clever tower defense title Revenge of the Titans (also on sale!), and the visual style is a perfect fit. While it borrows the basic gameplay of Space Invaders, Titan Attacks adds between-level ship customization and more enemy variety to expand the gameplay. A neat little game that takes an old genre and injects some freshness into it."

Waveform on Steam - demo - Destructoid Review

"While I haven't gotten to play it as much as I'd like, Waveform is a really original title. You basically control, well, a waveform, as a way of piloting your little ship through a variety of obstacles and goodies. Also has a wonderful soundtrack that reminds me of retro schmups, sold separately on Steam. Read the Destructoid review for more details."

Defense Grid on Steam - demo - Destructoid Review

"Defense Grid is the tower defense game. Period. It is the most perfect and pure example of the genre I can think of, and you need to play it."

Shatter on Steam - demo - Destructoid Review

"While it got some attention a while back, Shatter is still worth a mention now that the soundtrack is so cheap with it. It may be inspired by "Breakout", but Shatter is so much more. The game takes that basic formula, but adds in more elements - different kinds of bricks and balls, power ups, co-op, even some excellent boss battles. The soundtrack by Module is amazing and dirt cheap now with the game. The effect of the graphics and music together make it a pretty entrancing experience."

They Bleed Pixels on Steam - Destructoid Review

"While hardly obscure, I feel obliged to mention TBP if only to encourage you to get the soundtrack edition. The music is incredible. The game itself is utterly brutal, but dying is hilarious and completing a stage with 200 deaths is more a badge of honor than an embarrassment. It's also one of the few games I've played where the double-jump is not just there to make it easier. Oh no, you're going to need it to traverse the levels in this game, many of which are sadistic enough to make Meat Boy cry."

Recettear on Steam - demo

"Recettear has also received a lot of press, but it's hard to recommend this game too many times over. Basically you take on the role of running an item shop in an adventuring town, in a sort of funny role reversal. It's charming, clever, and addictive. If you aren't sure whether to get it, this hilarious review done by a fan should convince you!"

Okay, that's more than enough for now! Hope this guide leads you to a couple games you enjoy :)

There are several other titles I want to cover some other time, but which are not on sale at the moment. If you are curious, though, definitely take a look at these titles:
Defenders Quest
Blade Kitten
Bunny Must Die!
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