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Ever find a good gif, then you leave open in a tab, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it?


My right shoulder and arm are killing me, I assume from too much mousing - with Overwatch, The Long Dark, and making grid images in Photoshop. Time for some controller-centric games I guess? :/


For some dumb reason Freedom Planet 2 is going through Greenlight to get on Steam. Makes no sense that they should have to jump through that hoop again. Anyway, give them a vote:


How did we go from badass Shepard to derpy-ass Ryder? Ryder looks like an annoying side character, not the hero. You know, the character you let get killed off lol. I just can't get excited about being Ryder the way I did being Shepard. Awful models, too.


Disqus is really going nuts with these video ads. I can barely browse QPs on mobile with all the lag.


Stumbled across this at GameStop. I don't own a Wii U, but TP is one of my favorite Zeldas. Also the favorite of someone I lost, so I'll have it to remind me of her.


Bethesda just announced some Fallout 4 stuff. A PS4 Pro patch (1440p + enhancements), and a *58 gig* ultra quality texture pack. They recommend a GTX 1080 for it lol. I love having assets that will help a game still look good far into the future.


I'm mostly using a controller for Rise of the Tomb Raider because they're better for platforming and QTEs. But every time I have to shoot something I lay it down and grab my mouse because I can't stand trying to aim with a controller. Life is hard.


I freaking despise Disqus on mobile. Makes article lag like hell if there is video, drains my battery, and uses up data like nuts. I don't think I'm going to visit Dtoid off wifi anymore. Is there any way to block it on a mobile browser?


Dread coming here on mobile because of Disqus. Those video ads wreck performance and are a huge waste of data. Hate those guys.


I started reading the Witcher books last night. Pretty good so far & they provide more background (like why he's called The Butcher of Blaviken). I think the games take place after all of the books, so maybe after that I'll replay everything...


About Jinx 01one of us since 4:26 PM on 11.18.2011

I love gaming, and I have followed the industry and its technology since I was a kid in the 80's. I have gamed primarily on PC since 2000, though I still follow console news and hardware as well.

I worked as a mapper and beta tester for the mod Action Half-Life. I also make custom images for Steam's grid view, those are over on my website.
Steam ID:cryotek


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