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Breaking out some old 360 controllers (hoping to have a split-screen party). This green Power-A one has some issues. The left stick is sticky, wants to go left & doesn't center immediately. Any ideas on fixing it? atm just trying to break it back in.


Now all I need is friends!


So does anyone here own an Xbox One? I feel like all I see are PS4, Nintendo, & PC players around here sometimes. While I know those are bigger platforms atm, it's not like there aren't a ton of Xbox One's out there as well. And is anyone getting an X?


Visiting family so I brought my PC to hook to their TV. Got to play "let's try to make everyone motion sick" with Forza Horizon 3's Hot Wheels expansion. In first-person mode it's like being on a roller coaster. This would not be a good VR game lol


Sad that "Gambling" is now a user tag in Steam. It's more honest than most reviewers have been about this crap.


The attitude of developers who put loot boxes in their games.


Sampled the Battlefront II beta. It just... bored me. The combat is shallow and everything feels sluggish. The space combat felt like a sloppy, dumbed down Rogue Squadron. Not sure I even want the single player at this point. Bleh.


A Hat in Time is pretty good so far :)


Hooked my PC to my tv for some controller-centric gaming. Lots of Forza Horizon 3 over the weekend and now I'm bingeing on Dead Cells. If you love Rogue Legacy or Castlevania you need that game. What have you guys been playing this week?


Thinking about ultrawide stuff lately. Feels like more of a game changer than 4K tbh. But it seems more practical to get a 16:9 screen then letterbox to 21:9 than buy an actual 21:9 monitor. And you could do it with a big 4K tv... best of both worlds?


Tis almost the season to start playing Witch Mercy again...


How could you watch widescreen video your whole life, then think vertically is how you should record on your phone?


That feeling when us Gen-Xers hear Millenials complaining about Baby-Boomers.


When they ask you about that live action GITS movie


Sometimes when it rains in games I just sit back & enjoy it. I've been a nut for weather effects since Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Starbound actually has some of my favorite weather, they do so much with pixel art it's nuts. (Forza Horizon 3 in pic)


Been thinking about Borderlands 3. I love the first two games. But I already know 3 is going to break my heart. The series is too ripe for exploitation with loot boxes & microtransactions. Remember those free SHIFT key codes? Expect them to be $1.99+ now.


Is it a rule that female Overwatch players have to use "kitty", "kitten", or "cat" somewhere in their name?


My butt sweats like crazy when I play online shooters. I have no idea why. #tmi


Took a look at Junkertown on the Overwatch PTR. Looks good & is full of the little details I love about their maps. For example, shoot the payload and coins go flying out. Like many Overwatch maps, one spawn is in a bar. Total alcoholics, these guys...


Was just thinking - could the PS4 Pro & Xbox One X actually result in games that are *less* complex? Devs will now take getting their games running at 4K into account, so for upcoming titles they might actually scale them back in detail & ambition.


Tried the Destiny 2 beta. Runs/looks amazing on PC. But the story & characters? BARF. The intro is a melodramatic, trying-too-hard mess. I literally laughed out loud at the bad guy's dialog. Whole thing felt like it was written by a 12 year old kid.


TFW when your backlog is immense and that exciting new game turns out to be trash.


Back-in-the-day Electronic Gaming Monthly was the coolest magazine by far. Most of the others like GamePro read like ad copy, EGM told you if stuff was crap and went to Japan for all the latest rumors and news. It was basically my 90s version of Dtoid lol


The Long Dark team did a post describing the processes they go through to update the game on Steam, PS4, & Xbox One. It gives you an idea how long the certification process takes, & why console patches take so much longer to release. Link in comments.


Just in case you were wondering, Lucioball still sucks. Just go play Rocket League.


You know you've been at your PC too much when you drop something and your mind tries to press "control-Z"


Had my entire thyroid removed yesterday. It was scary (any surgery is), but the surgery went well and I'm back at home feeling fine today. Going to have a scar, though, and need to take a synthetic thyroid drug every day. Beats goiters & possible cancer!


tfw you find a game's config file and realize you can jack the settings up beyond ultra


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