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Everything on Wikipedia is literally true

For some reason, I have a Wikipedia page. Despite the fact it has numerous issues and has been vandalized countless times, it's managed to stay up for about a year. I do not know why. Anyway, people who think about me and my life more than even I do tend to go on it regularly and write things. Usually they're very boring, very unimaginative insults, but someone has truly outdone themselves today.

The Dtoid tips line got sent a link to the latest edits, and they are truly brilliant. Since Wikipedia will probably take them down before the day is out, I have decided to post them here for posterity and the hope that you will find these literally true facts as entertaining as I found them. Remember, every single one of these is a real fact!


It is also well know that he is massive racist lying Nazi and many websites on the internet have proof of this activity. (http://digg.com/gaming_news/Could_Destructoid_s_staff_be_racist)

The proof take many forms here is a short list of just some of the things he has done.

FACT: He has stated "Mexicans always ruin everything"

FACT: None of the relatively low amount of money raised went to Mexican children

FACT: None of the money went to children who wanted to play a PC game of there choice so he is racist to any one who touches a PC.

FACT: Jim sterling could not operate a PC with a mouse to save his life making him extremely jealous of all PC game players and there skills he also cant sing so he hates everybody on American idol or anybody with real talent.

FACT: Jim sterling is not funny so he hates anybody who can accomplish humor.

FACT: Jim sterling is dumb enough to by maps on console ports of PC games for much money when then original PC games give them to users for free with many other features

FACT: Jim sterling does tons of things only a stupid console living boy would do it is a lifetime of this activity that lead him to the life of a Nazi and saying “Nein” to many PC gaming children when asked for his charity.

FACT : Jim sterling will play $60 USA currency for games he can get on PC for $30 to $40 us currency

FACT: Jim sterling has never been with in 99 miles of a real PC capable of playing PC games at decent quality so he would not know how horrible looking and playing the console ports of games he is playing are. This makes any review of them he publishes irrelevant useless.

FACT: Jim sterling is homophobic and loves the video games such as shadow complex that support anti homosexual values.

FACT: He played the horrible PAL versions of video console games most of his life and is unable to tell what games look like running correct on NTSC Televisions.

FACT: at the destructoid trip to Cancun he had sexual relation ships for one night with most of the destructoid staff in a hot tub including Chad Concelmo a known homosexual possibly half Asian male. He was so stoned on drugs and alcoholic beverages and remembers nothing .

FACT like all destruction staff he hates everybody especially there readers.

FACT: Jim sterling Idol is Hitler and in the early 1990’s he played wolfenstein 3d on his PC thinking it was a game where Hitler kills all and rises to power by slaughtering millions with his own hands. How ever he was horrified you kill Hitler and Nazi’s in it thus from that day forward he hates PC’s tat run games and any form of technology…. Also bionic commando.

FACT: Jim sterling is not really married to a woman he is living with his sexual partner Chad Concelmo trying to pass “prop 8” and he still hates homosexuals this creates his inner torment deep in his soul.

FACT: Jim sterling is the most hated destructoid staff member and many people public ridicule him on the website.

FACT: Jim sterling was once replaced for a week by a fat monkey in a banana costume and nobody noticed except Chad Concelmo who wondered where his xbox 360 noob buddy went.
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