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A persuasive argument for Dynasty Warriors

This is Lord Snooty:

Lord Snooty enjoys his videogames (shut up and go with this tenuous metaphor) but one series of videogames he does not like is Dynasty Warriors. The biggest criticism Lord Snooty has of Dynasty Warriors is that you just mash buttons in it and the enemy AI is poor.

Isn't that right Lord Snooty, you little cunt?

"You damn fucking right it is, you shitfucker!"

Oh I see. Care to tell everyone what games you DO like then, you son of a bitch?

"Um, well I like clitting SHMUPS I do, for beanflicking's sake!"

Oh wait, Shmups, one of the most beloved genres in the gaming community? The game where you mash a button to shoot enemies with ZERO AI!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

"Oh pissbiscuits, your logic is fucking unbreakable and your ability to point out such shagging irony has now elevated you to the status of genius demi-God. Furthermore, Dynasty Warriors has now become my favorite series of games and I suggest that nobody try debating this awesome logic because it's pretty bloody rock cocking solid. Jim Sterling, you've done it again you handsome prince!"

Should I point out how DW also carries on the bold tradition of Golden Axe and as such, should be venerated and that I should be Paypal'd lots of money for pointing it out?

"Don't push your cunting luck."

Point taken.

[Disclaimer that I shouldn't have to make but will need to make: I like SHMUPS, and also, this is not a cereal post, as if the use of a frigging Beano character to make the convoluted (if rather sound) point wasn't enough of a bastard clue.]
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