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Sony plans to publish Playstation games on other consoles.


I read this and had to re-read it because it sounds too good to be true but the original story on Arstechnica seems to be legit. The original story.  MLB the Show is going multiplatform in 2021. Personally, I could care less about the game today and have never cared about it or supported it. But if Sony is going to publish Playstation games on other consoles, I'd be ecstatic if they dust off some old IP and shop it around.

Think about the possibilities, Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC running on a GTX 2080 Ti at 60FPS+. Throw in some ray tracing support because, why not. I'd buy a new rig for that like it's 1999 Quake III era. God of War on PC would be phenomenal. As a matter of fact, Sony wouldn't even need the latest version. God of War III on PC would be mind blowing. I remember seeing that on PS3 and wondering "How the hell did they even get that to run without melting the console?"

But let's really get to the skinny of it all, Switch support. Sony killed off Vita (the bastards) but one thing Sony could do that would inspire me to throw serious money at them is if Sony decided to port key titles in their Vita catalog on Switch. Even Microsoft supports Switch. I love Killzone: Mercenary on PS Vita and still play it from time to time even though the framerate struggled and gyro scope aiming wasn't as intuitive as it could have been. But it's still one of the best portable FPS games ever made. Instead of letting it lanquish, port it to Switch with a resolution bump and better frame rate, better motion controls and it's golden. Remaking the game for PS4 may not be practical due to the other FPS options available but bringing it over to Switch makes a helluva lot of sense considering the only FPS that would be better than Killzone on Nintendo's hybrid would be Doom and that's a maybe.

Besides, after seeing what Microsoft did with Halo: Reach, imperfect but a vast improvement over the original 360 version, Sony won't be able to dominate on PS5 alone. MS has opened the floorgate by releasing Halo MC Collection on PC, Steam even and are right to do so because PCs are what consoles are desperately trying to be. Microsoft's Switch support has been good overall. Even though those choice games are running on competitor hardware, that's still money in the bank for them. Xcloud is going to allow gamers on a legion of devices to play Xbox games. Although I'm no fan of cloud gaming, Microsoft is building an army that has already crossed the border onto Switch and PC and cloud gaming pushes those efforts even further. Sony has to do something and I don't think a cloud gaming solution is enough as even Microsoft isn't relying solely on that.

I've been playing Gravity Rush on Vita lately. It's a fantastic game that would work really well on Switch. Uncharted could work really well on Xbox One/Scarlet or PC. As a matter of fact, if Sony doesn't want to give up such an important IP, go into the archives and bring back Warhawk (the PS3 version). Warhawk was one of the best multiplayer games in the last generation but is also lanquishing currently. Bring it back, port it to PC or Xbox and enable cross platform play. Ask Microsoft to hook up PS4/PS5 with Gears of War Remaster. Go "kum by yah" with it and bury the hatchet supporting each other with key titles from the IP catalog that are collecting dust. Sony fanboys can talk trash about Xbox One in public but we all know there's a precentage of players on PS4 that would jump at the chance to play Gears or even Halo on a Sony plaform, especially with cross platform play. The reverse definitely is true for Xbox fans. God of War on One X. That would rock hard. It could work. Learn from Google.

Google knew 10 years ago just as they know now that there is no way they are ever going to beat Apple in smartphone profitability even though the Android userbase across the world is larger than the iPhone userbase. But Google Trojan Horsed Apple by releasing their key apps and services on iOS. It doesn't matter if an iOS user never buys an Android Phone but in some way, form or function, they will use Google services regardless. Personally, would I support Sony if they released key titles on PC or Switch? Yes the hell I would and I'd champion them not only with money for the titles I'd buy (minus MLB The Show) but I'd forgive them for the Vita debacle. Put WipeOut the Omega Collection on PC since Wipeout is being copied to a ridiculous degree on PC but no one can get it right, bring Back SOCOM on PC/Xbox since Ghost Recon is a joke these days, a Heavenly Sword remake would be stellar, Sony could go balls to the wall storming the gates of Nintendo and port a remaster of Patapon/Parappa the Rapper on Switch and ask Nintendo to put Kratos, Nathan Drake or Nariko in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If Switch can run Hellblade, it certainly can run Heavenly Sword. Remember the original Bust-A-Groove on PS1? Sony published that in the US. Imagine if Sony secured the rights to it and put it on Switch? Think of the possibilities...STOP LAUGHING! A man can dream can't he? Panzer Dragoon remake is coming to Switch next year. Panzer Dragoon! If Panzer Dragoon Zwei gets remade too I think I'd cry. DREAM, MAN!

- Bayonetta? She's in hell. Satan's favorite whore. Bwhahahahahaha

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