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Things I like! Volume 1

Folks, we're already almost one month into the new year, and already I can smell a complete turnaround. Many of you probably didn't have a good year in 2010, and I can tell you that neither did I. I lost a job, quit a different job, dropp...


Digressions on a Star Trek debate

I could open with a long ramble about, well, whatever, but that would be lame and we have a lot of ground to cover here today. Long story short; Me and my Mom got Star Trek glasses from Burger King today (Kirk and Spock, respectively), wh...


Who wants to sell me a Sega Genesis?

So listen. I would like to become video game collector, which at the current moment is sort of impossible because I can't afford to buy too many video games with my income (I'm 17, so I have no income). Despite this, I have made some pre...



That's a little misleading. I don't have a tattoo. All that's certain is that I want to get one and this is the one I want to get: I know what you're thinking. How? Because I'm fucking psychic. This is you: "Gee, Red, That looks cool bu...


Music Reveiw: Crack The Skye

For any music group, in any genre of music; There is a constant pressure to adapt to a persistently changing landscape of musical trends and varying preference from the consumers, to innovate and grow (lest the band's sound grow stale) bu...


Happy Saint Paddy's Day + New MF DOOM album? YEAH!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day. Not many people know the story of St. Patrick's day, who St. Patrick is or the history of the animosity between Irish Catholics and Protestants. Heck, I know there's still a lot I...



Special thanks to fellow Dtoider Buster, without whom I would have never found this glorious scene from the upcoming Street Fighter IV anime movie, due to drop the same day as the game in America. Anyone who has pre-order or who is plannin...


Wherein I lament not going to SGC

Hey, Destructoid. How's it going? So I heard your going to SGC this summer. Pretty sweet. Rey Jiminez is gonna be there? Nice, nice. Man, I wish I could go, but you know how it is. Money, you know? It's like, I gotta think about college...


10 thing you don't (care to) know about Redface

Hey lookit, a blawg post. This a very particular blog post. it's about me. Things you don't know me. I figured I would write this blog post because 1) it seems like the cool thing to do and 2) I figure as far as first blog posts go, you cou...


About Jim Heineone of us since 1:32 PM on 08.19.2007

Name: Noah "Motherfuckers can't touch his style" Rodriguez
Game: Bringing the ruckus
D.O.B: August 6th, 1991.
Hometown: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Ladies: I am indeed single ;D

Height: The Tallest Boy in the World
Weight: Like, a lot.
Hair: lighter than leather
Eyes: Black as the void
I'd be really happy: If anyone were to catch that ESIV: Oblivion reference.

Food: Is delicious. I like Steak and anything with cheese the best.
Beef Jerky: Is the manliest snack in the world.
Beverage: I am quite partial to the bubbled sugar waters, a.k.a. Soda Pop. My current poisons: Pepsi, Mountain Dew (Regular, Voltage, Baja Blast, Code Red), Diet Coke, Cream Soda.
Candy: Yes, please.

Music: Metal and Hip-hop, and everything in between.
David Bowie: is the fucking man.
Greatest Band Ever: Mastodon
Best Rapper Alive: MF DOOM
My Guitar: Her name is Lorelei.

Sports: Football. American Football.
Team: New England Patriots.
Hockey: Sucks

Superhero: Batman, who can whip Superman anyday.
Supervillain: Skeletor from He-Man.
Superpower: The Power Cosmic, because why just settle for one?
Transforming Robot: Voltron. Michael Bay ruined Transformers for me.
Super Crew: The Avengers, because when you think about it, The JLA is nothing more than a Bureaucracy for Superheros. That's Lame.

Gaming: is life.
Genres: Platformers, Action/Adventure, First and Third Person Shooters, Music & Rhythm, Fighters & Beat'em Ups, Shmups, Puzzlers.
Currently Playing: Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Captain America: Super Soldier
Systems: Xbox 360 (They call it that cause when you see it you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away DURR HURR HURR IT'S SO FUNNY IT DOESN'T HAVE TO MAKE SENSE!), PSDouble, DS. Collection is growing, don't you worry.
Psychonauts: is overrated, and you made it that way by not shutting the fuck up about it.

Picture of Me?: Thought you would never ask.