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My little bro just gave me an amazing tip: Get the xbox game pass (pc) for 1 buck and you can play The Outer Worlds and both Gears. That's actually a great deal.


Why does it seem to me that all my current multiplayer games which I like to play have really shitty progression systems? In Rainbow Six Siege and in Street Fighter V you get so little renown/fight money. It's ridiculous!


Hey :) I went on a really long hiatus but I just wanna step in here and check on you guys. Are you all doing fine? My 9 hour workshifts are killing me and I feel exhausted every day but overall I'm fine.


I know I'm kinda late to the party but me and my lil bro watched Spiderman: Into the spiderverse last night. It's definitely my favorite Spiderman movie and we enjoyed it overall a lot.


Currently downloading the RE2 1-Shot demo. Status: excited! (Fanart by Dannis Duan)


I'm also super sad that the superbestfriends are splitting up. It feels kinda surreal to see such a sudden end to my favorite let's play channel. :(


Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I'm okay. I wish you all a happy christmas and since I'm in my new apartment with stable internet I promise that I will be more active from now on. Hugs to all of you. I missed you but finally I'm back. :)


I found a new job but times are stressful and I have to work a lot. Just know that I'm thinking about all of you and hopefully I can join you chuckleheads some time later when things quiet down in my life. Love ya!


Sorry for not being around so much on destructoid this past month. This month was very rough for me: I lost my job. Right now I'm searching for a new job and a new appartment while I'm staying temporarily at my dead father's place. I hope you're all okay!


I'm almost done woth Metro Last Light. It's a really fun shooter even though it tackles heavy themes like testing of biological weapons, mass murder and facism. Artyom and Anna are a great team and I'm hyped for Metro: Exodus to finish the story.


Evo is this weekend so get hyped for some Smash Bros, DBFZ, Tekken 7 and SF V action!


Hi guys. Short Life update: I'm still alive and fine. Just got a lot of stress at home and work. Plus I have to move to a new home. But I'm overall fine.


I don't know if you know what the elevator game or who elisa lam are but this music video is really great! :)


I really love Rafael de Guzman's design of the new Chun Li figure.


Three visitors, a poem When you turn the 6 around, you will see the 9 in the clouds there will be 3 men who visit you, starting with C, M and W. They will ask you what you have done and all you can do is scream and run. C.S.


The first pictures from the street fighter summer sports collection are online and I wanna play some basketball with Menat. ;)


Fuck this hot summer weather! I'm melting...


Happy Birthday Parismo!Here, have some virtual candy.


I drew Nicolas Brown from the manga Gangsta. Please share your thoughts! Thank you!


In my head Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar are married, don't often see each other, ocassionally bang and have a little girl who they raise with all their love. :)


I send you all a box of virtual cookies! I hope you have a nice day.


One of the best buddy cop movies I've ever seen is End of Watch. Really great action!


I just bought Zombi for 5 bucks (PC) and Resident Evil Revelations 2 for 9,99 € on PSN. This weekend is gonna be spoopy! :)


My favorite X-Men is Scott Summers aka Cyclops. Who's yours? (Picture by artist riyuen)


Most of society is guilty. They all sin. In the end it's all the same. Still, I believe a nihilist humanist might be the savior. A guy like Neo from the Matrix. To fight the system you will become the system.


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