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Yo, applepie is delicious!


It's a new week! Give it your all, guys and girls!


Sometimes a game franchise can mean more to you and only you.


Marvel is dead, long live Marvel and its players! Thanks to a community who helped me with advice and showed me love as a street fighter player who got invested into MvC: Infinite. See you at the next mahvel tourney or online.


Samuel Braz did an awesome tribute to Street Fighter.


This music still gives me goosebumps.


Capcom Cup was really cool last year and will soon start in 2018.


I wanna prove to you guys that I'm a coach all along and you should be listening to me. I'm not listening to the mash, I'm not listening to buttons.XD


It's Friday but my catgirl is too risky for you. #NSFW


#Shoutouttoid to SpidersforSale and FakePlasticTree! I love to discuss topics and games with both of you and you are good people.


She is the provisions manager in Monster Hunter World and she stole my heart! I wanna invite her to my room and live together with her. She is perfect! (I'm a waifu hunter! I know I'm garbage and a horrible person. :P)


Infiltration won Evo Japan in SF V AE with Juri against John Takeuchi who picked Rashid. Congrats Infil and congrats Juri.


Since we have a lot of new fighting game players: Never forget the essential question after you lose. What did it do? :P


This is a great DBFZ guide for newcomers/beginners.


Man, I'm having a rough day at work at the moment. I hope you are all doing fine. I need something to cheer me up and Indestructible does it most of the time. :)


Those new SF V AE combo videos by Desk are hype as fuck!


The Dark Lord Abigail has brought Darkness into SF V. Our only beacon of hope is a cute egyptian fortune teller to stop this madman from conquering SF V!


Holy moly, Juri is definitely upper mid tier now or even better in SF V AE. The change to her target combo, the guard crush for her super, the longer range and more active frames on her fireball, the longer duration of her v-trigger and dmg buffs are good


Happy Birthday, Larx and Wes. You two make this community an awesome place to hang around. I wish you the best!


There are a lot of improvements with AE and the community just found a big one. They reduced the input delay for SF V AE from 6.25 frames on PS 4 (4-5 frames on PC) down to 2,75-3,75 frames. EDIT: Different reports on this (see comments).


This is a really good overview of the new v-triggers in SF V AE. Only one more day and I can play Sakura.


Early DBFZ Beta impressions: Game plays like a mix of Mahvel, Skullgirls and Persona 4 Arena. It's fun and a good fighter for beginners but also a little bit simple and I wish autocombos weren't that dominant in the fighting system. But it's fun.


I bought the first volume of the Street Fighter Legends Sakura comic. It's drawn by Omar Dogan. My favorite artist. I'm so happy! :)


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