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David Jaffe Reads My Blog!!

No - maybe not - but check out my previous rant about why there would be One console Future... I've wrote and said it a million times... for years... Industry has started to follow with high profile devs saying the same shit now... and it...


One Console Future

I said it before and I'll say it again.. Kotaku has a piece about an article written by Dennis Dyack saying basically the same thing I laid out a while back...I've seen it coming for a long time now.. those of you who "don't see this happ...


The 8-bit tie is HERE!

You guys remember the April Fools gag from Thinkgeek a while back? Well, if you did - you knew that people actually wanted to buy it, and now it's finally available! I'm not sure how my boss would react - but if I hung out with a bunch o...


Xbox 360 Chatpad is pretty cool.

Whats happening? I just got back from BestBuy and picked up the 360 Messenger Chatpad, and I have to say it's pretty damn cool. Just like reviewers have said, it snaps in, feels a bit heavier, nice tactial buttons. It's really solid ac...


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