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PAX: My experience

Well, I'm seeing lots of these PAX recap blogs go up, and figured I might as well share my PAX experiences as well. Before I begin, I just have to say that if I forget to mention you its not that I dont love you! There was just SO MUCH WIN this past weekend that writing it all out would be ridiculous. So this will kinda be a highlights of PAX for me organized by day with things that just come to mind.


My flight out of SF wasnt until around 6pm, but I knew that I wouldnt be able to concentrate at work due to excitement, so I just decided to take the morning off to do errands that I needed to do. Every hour that counted down was insanity until I finally took off for the airport. On my flight was Guttlesswonder, @SamHouston, Dyson and his girl, and @jinkwell. We ended up chatting on the plane using the chat room on Virgin airlines while I watched Jersey Shore.

Already, this trip was win.

When we landed, I made my way to the hotel room, but I had to pass by Gameworks to get there. Sure enough Dtoid was there in full force and so I was dragged into the building, bags in hand to give hugs and high fives (and even make outs....thanks Halfie <3). After a quick jaunt to drop off my bags I returned to hang out with everyone. It was an awesome reunion night that I ended up getting pretty sloshed at. Looking back right now, I realized I got so drunk because I didnt even eat dinner! (Holy crap, seriously, I just noticed that. :P)

I finally got to meet n0brein!!!!! SO CUTE!

Funny enough, also at the bar that night were Justin Wong, Seltzer, AJ, and Jake from the WCG Ultimate Gamer show. I chatted them up a bit since we have mutual friends, and they were all really cool people! I even exchanged gamertags with Jake (I'm coming for you in SSF4 buddy!)

I honestly dont remember really leaving the bar or what happened, but eventually we ended up back at the hotel room where we proceeded to watch the greatest movie ever, The Room. Holy crap. Yes. This movie is incredible, I bought it off of Amazon Prime like an hour ago, and cant wait to incorporate it into my must watched viewing, along with Zombie Strippers and Black Dynamite.

My favorite scene


The day started with heading over to the PAX floor in the morning to scope out what was there. There were a couple of new games that I hadnt seen at E3, but for some reason there was nothing really epic that excited me. What did excite me was seeing all the Dtoiders walking around, such as running into my doppleganger Chad Concelmo. It was on this day that we made the epic plans that I will talk about a little later. Anyway, walking all over the show floor took most of the day and then we made plans for the night. Along with Bleach Boy, Joshhest, and The Astros, we headed over to the Capcom Dead Rising 2 party. It was pretty cool being there and we got a free T-shirt out of it, but we didnt stay for long. I headed back to E&C and found the community in an uproar over the service there. So after a little bit of community managing, the plans were set for people to hang out at Gameworks, at least until other plans were made. I heard most people ended up going to the Whisky Bar, but I had to excuse myself for another party.

The Astros showing off a sword at the Capcom party

At E3, I met a lot of the Frag Dolls, who are members of Ubisoft's marketing team. One girl in particular became my dancing partner for most of the parties there, and when she heard I was coming to PAX, quickly added me on the guest list. Their party was quite a while away from the convention center, at a place called Trinity Nightclub, but it was well worth it. We were treated to an open bar and tons of awesome songs to dance to. I hung out that night with Megu and most of my South Van Awesome family until I decided it was time to head back. I knew I had a busy day the next day and wanted to get some rest for the Dtoid panel.


It was the morning of the Dtoid Panel, and I woke up bright and early to make sure that things were taken care of helmet wise. I had been given the responsibility of organizing helmet duty on Saturday, so I wanted to make sure that Mikey, who was wearing the helmet during the panel, was all ready for it. The Dtoid Panel was one of the best yet, and it was a cool experience to be backstage before the panel as well as being recognized during the panel for PAX community managing awesomeness.

Yeah, I had a front row seat for that....*shudder*

Directly after the panel, I started walking around the show floor acting as a handler for Joshhest, Bleach Boy, and Crimeminister as they wore the helmet. We danced on the Just Dance stage, took pictures with Mega 64 and Alex from the Totally Rad Show and were basically amazing. My highlight however was stopping by the Capcom booth and jumping on the live stream with Seth Killian. He interviewed me asking about what games at PAX I enjoyed, and ribbed me for not inviting him to the Dtoid parties. I pimped Dtoid on the stream and did a pretty good job on camera (I thought).

Only afterwards did it sink in that Seth Killian had basically interviewed me as a representative for Dtoid and made me realize how far I've come along both in this community and in the gaming industry.

I passed along the helmet duties to the other people who volunteered to help out (thanks guys!) because I had a play date. The day before, I made plans to pop my Showgirls cherry and watch it with Chad. To say that this was a highlight of PAX would be an understatement. Its no secret that Chad is one of my favorite people who has ever existed and it was awesome watching this amazingly bad movie with him. Sadly we didnt have enough time to finish it the first day due to other plans, but we just treated it like the epic Harry Potter 7th movie and decided to watch it in two parts.

Chad, posing with Xzyliac

We then decided to head over to the first Dtoid party I helped organize, which was the meetup at Chapel Bar. This bar was incredible. I didnt like the long wait to drink later in the night, but I LOVED the atmosphere. Since this place was an old church transformed into a bar, it had a very cool look to it. In the beginning of the night, we took over the "choir loft" area of the bar, and then later moved to the outside. Eventually, and unexpectedly, the lights turned down, and dance music started.


Later on in the night, a few of us, including DJDuffy, Changston, and Solgrim decided to head to R Place, which was a near by gay club. That place was pretty cool, but I left pretty quickly after due to being so tired!

Oh yeah! We ended up falling asleep to Step Up 2 the Streets on Blu-ray!


It was the last day of PAX, and I swore I would take the time to play games I hadnt had a chance to play. Instead I found that I hated waiting in lines, so I ended up just going to the free play area and playing SSF4 and Mario Kart for most of the day. The day came and went, but I was mostly looking forward to the meetup at Rock Bottom anyway. This was another event that I had planned, and it seemed to go off without a hitch. In fact, the service felt bad that they took so long getting the food to us, but they were very accommodating and nice! It was here that I took it all in and got all teary-eyed, nay, even cried a bit. Walking around and talking to everyone, seeing people like the Raskulls team, and Capcom guys there, and community gathered together like a family is always awesome, but it struck a special place in my heart knowing I helped put this together. Because of this, when it was time to thank the guys who volunteered to wear the helmet, and Hamza pulled me aside and said, "Its your show", I couldnt have been prouder. That moment, giving what Diverse called the "farewell speech" to everyone was one of the happiest and proudest moments in recent memory.

Obligatory hang outside of the bar on Sunday pic

Its hard to end on this note other than to say that I'm sorry to those of you that I didnt get to spend that much time with this PAX. There were times when I had to even tell some of you that I couldnt hang out right now, cause I was really busy. So please forgive me for that. But I do have to say that although this was a different PAX experience for me, it was most definitely a very rewarding experience as well, and reading all the recap blogs talking about how much fun everyone had at the Saturday and Sunday events rewards me a little bit more.

Anyway, it was a blast and I love you all! Much love to everyone for being my family.

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