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Dtoid Community Discusses pt 23: VGAs


Welcome to the latest installment of Dtoid Community Discusses...the blog series where YOU the community mouth off about topics in the gaming industry! For this installment, I decided to ask a few of you what you thought of the recently aired VGA's on Spike TV. Its pretty much a consensus that the majority of the community here looks down unfavorably on these awards, but I wanted to have the chance to voice our concerns with it.

And with that, here is the topic as given to our panel, consisting of ScottyG, Toneman, Zserv, and Joseph Leray!

"The Spike TV Video Game Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris took place this past Saturday. Like it or not, these awards seem to be the most visual representation to the mainstream media of what were the best of the best in gaming the past year. How do you guys feel about the games that were nominated for this years awards?

Another aspect of the awards ceremony is the EXCLUSIVE reveals that happen. We saw a couple of trailers for upcoming games such as Resistance 3, Portal 2, and GOTY 2011 Uncharted 3 (yes, with little gameplay shown this has already been said). How do you feel about the games that were revealed? Are you hyped for them?

Read on to find out what they thought!

Scotty G

Well I think we should kick this off with the most important issue: Olivia Munn's, in her very boobalicious dress, accidentally confirming MGS4 for 360 when she was being a complete bitch to NPH.

Oh, award show banter...

Jesse Cortez


I love NPH...tons. And he has shown his hosting chops in the past hosting the Oscars. But from what I hear, the hosting was pretty bad. Was it cause of the writing, or did it seem NPH was just cashing it in Both?

Anyway, starting the conversation about the GOTY...I'm a loser and haven't played Red Dead Redemption, but I was really hoping Mass Effect 2 would win. I loved my time with that game, and thought it had SO much awesome going for it. I fell in love with the story and universe that the game took place in, and such, I thought it deserved awesome recognition for it. However, besides the games nominated, I recognized what wasn't on the list....things like Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Super Meat Boy, two games that I feel REALLY deserved to be on there.


I haven't seen the full show yet, so for now I'll just comment on the reveals and awards.

As far as GOTY goes, I too think it should have gone to Mass Effect 2. Now I'm not saying Red Dead Redemption isn't a good game, I just wasn't a fan of it. Which is odd because I loved GTA4. Too me, RDR seemed like a new take on GTA that didn't quite work. That said, I can appreciate what Rockstar did, and the game oozes the highest quality of talent. On the other side, Mass Effect 2 seemed like a huge step in the right direction for Mass Effect. BioWare took most of the complaints that many people, myself included, had from the first game and tweaked them. The only real complaint that I heard from number too was that it was too much of a shooter, and not enough RPG. Of course, something like %70 of all players played soldier so if they though it was too shootery, that's probably why I imagine. When it's all said and done Mass Effect 2 did everything right for me, while Red Dead Redemption left me feeling less than satisfied.

The only two reveals that I really gave a shit about were Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3. I've basically had a perma-boner for both since the VGAs. I know that a lot of people are calling for new IPs and less sequels but as far as I'm concerned, if it's a sequel to an awesome game, particularly if it's a game with a fantastic story that needs continuation, then I'm all for sequels. What we don't need is sequels to crap games (Prototype 2) that really have no need for a sequel. Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3 both, I feel, deserve sequels and I welcome them with open arms. Let's make a metaphor out of it! It's like if you have sex with somebody, and they totally rock your world (Mass Effect 2), then why would you not want more of it? Contrary, if somebody is terrible in the sack (Protoype), the last thing you want is another go with them. Basically, I would fuck Mass Effect 3 if the hole in the disk was big enough.

Everybody uncomfortable now? Good.


In terms of awards, I was a bit shocked to not see Fallout: New Vegas competing for best RPG along-side Mass Effect 2, to say the least. I was surprised to see Red Dead Redemption take home GOTY, as well. I was almost positive Black Ops would win just on popularity. Not complaining in the slightest, actually quite happy to see something besides Call of Duty take home the award. Best soundtrack I honestly feel Mass Effect 2 should've gotten, but whatever. Haters gonna hate. However, like you guys, I as well expected Mass Effect 2 to take home GOTY (had Black Ops lost). Color me surprised by it.

Does ANYONE know why they had My Cancerous Romance play? Because when that started I literally left the room. That shit was appalling.

We all pretty much love Mass Effect 2


It's Spike TV, which means they cater to the absolute lowest common denominator.

I'm happy for the most part with the winners, but I'm definitely disappointed with the categories. Of course you're going to have one for each platform and genre, but they really didn't go beyond that.

It seems weird that they'd separate individual and team sports games, but not have things like "best new ip", "funniest game", "best single scene", or "best character". One that really pissed me off was best graphics, because depending on how you look at it Kirby's Epic Yarn (along with other stylized games that deserved a nomination) either didn't stand a chance or trounced the other nominees. Would it have killed them to have a "best art style" as well, and maybe split up the multiplayer category into "cooperative" and "competitive"?

Also, Viacom is cracking down on any clips of the show from Youtube...Really Viacom? Really?

Jesse Cortez

Kirby's Epic Yarn is the best graphics of the forever.

Well there seems to be a consensus that Mass Effect 2 was totally deserved of its nomination and probably should have won its category. Another thing that I thought was robbed was Super Meat Boy...Limbo, while a very interesting game with a neat aesthetic, did not even come close to the amount of awesome that Super Meat Boy had. Along those lines, having a PSP game beat out the DS games for best handheld just goes to show me that the flashiness of a game (or as Jonathan Holmes says, the more "hollywood" the game is), the more of a chance to nab this very coveted award (/cue sarcasm)

How do you guys feel about the best independent and best handheld categories? Any games you feel deserved it more?


I only really played 2 handheld games this year, Pokemon Soul Silver and MGS: Peace Walker. As much as I Pokemon, Metal Gear just blew me the hell away. The only thing I didn't like about Peace Walker was the PSP. I've never wanted two analogue sticks more in my whole life. Although I didn't play Ghosts of Sparta, I'm pretty sure I have a pretty good idea of what it's like. I'm assuming it's more of the same, whereas Peace Walker tried new things to help expand what game play can be like in a Metal Gear Solid game. And they succeeded might I add. I mean co-op Solid Snaking, who the fuck didn't think that was awesome? Couple that with all of the gadgets and weapons you could only use with a friend, and it's almost a whole new game. A whole new badass game. That, again, I would fuck.


Recettear shouldve taken independent. So freaking good. Handheld, I'd say Persona 3 Portable. Fantastic game, and the first decent jrpg I've played in years.

Jesse Cortez

It's been great hearing your guys picks for the games you thought should have won!

As mentioned on Dtoid, while the ratings for the 18 year old demographic has gone up this year, in general, the views of the VGAs has steadily decreased from year to year. So I wonder, what do you think should be changed?

Say you are on the planning committee for this....would you just look at increasing what made more young men tune in (since that seems to be the audience), but possibly running the show into the ground in the process, or would you try to class the show up a bit and try to appeal to the general crowd more to try to boost viewers? How do you think the VGA's should be changed for the better?

Joseph Leray

Splitting hairs over which game should've won which awards seems like an exercise in futility: that's just, like, your opinion, man.

But, really, I kind of have to wonder about how useful the VGAs or any awards show is. I don't think I speak for the majority of people, but I get absolutely nothing out the Grammys or the Oscars or even the Man Booker prize.

And the greater point here is, I think, that most gamers don't care about where their games come from. I'm not talking about us or any Destructoid readers -- if you're reading a gaming blog, then you're already in a higher class of fandom than the majority of people that buy games.

(And I'm not trying to turn this into a "Games need to be culturally accepted!" because they already are -- Seth Schiessel reviews games for the New York Times for Christ's sakes.)

But, despite gaming's cultural penetration, the people being penetrated (uhh...) simply don't know or care who makes them. Gaming doesn't have any superstars, and until it does, no one is going to care about trying to parade them around on TV once a year.

The VGA's demographic....OMG BEER PONG


I think the VGAs are hitting their demographic. I mean, you've got a video game award show on a channel for men, so it should be aimed at the 18 and over male gamer. However, they should be making it more for the core gamers and less for the, "OMG CALL OF DUTY RULES" frat boy gamers. I like tits and ass as much as the next guy but it'd be nice to see presenters who actually have a purpose for being on stage. They did good with people like Nathan Fillion who's actually done voice work in games and is someone I could believe is a gamer. Did the cast of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia need to be there? Probably not. But that's showbiz I suppose.


Yeah, there are very little gaming celebrities or household names, which is terrible. More terrible even than Lex Luthor taking 40 cakes.

I think for gaming to continue to grow as a respected medium we need those names that are recognized like directors or writers are, and I applaud the efforts some take to go down that path. Make gamers maybe not care, but at least be able to recognize more names. As is all there is to offer is no different than you can get on nearly any gaming site.

Spike as a channel are pretty much hitting their target demographic with the show, but I for one am sick and tired of seeing marketing towards 18-35 year old males and would love to see the show on another network... preferably one that will stream the show online for those of us without cable.


Honestly, I wouldn't mind if say, Jimmy Fallon were to host. He's able to do stuff professionally, well, while also being relative to core gamers such as ourselves. He's the kinda guy we need presenting these shows, but NPH was definitely a step in the right direction compared to last year. If we keep improving every year, maybe it'll stop being a mess eventually.


Hope you enjoyed reading what your community had to say! This is where you, the community, come in!

If this is at all interesting to you, get involved! You can join the list of people who are under consideration to be part of the discussion at this google group, or if you just want to make suggestions about topics you'd like to see staff and community discuss, let me know in the comments below!
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