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Post Pax 09

Post Pax 09 As I lie in bed, fever and all, I decided to try to get my post-PAX thoughts in a blog. It took nearly 20 minutes of thinking (and chatting on irc) to even know where to begin. I decided to begin here: Start: I was really e...


Why I love Destructoid...

You get me on rides I dont want to get on. I get to go to cool events. I hang out with the most amazing people regularly And I know its been shown before, but really it goes without saying... I love you guys.


Dtoid Community Discusses pt 18: Fighting Games

Hey guys! Have you missed me? Itís been so freaking long since I last did a DCD, and for that I apologize. Research has been really busy as of late, but its all for good reason, since Iíve pretty much achieved a total synthesis of my targ...


Happy Birthday Ben PerLee!

A Very Special Birthday Story.....by Tactix One day there was a guy named Ben PerLee. He got dressed all fancy pants like this: But then his umbrella broke... and it made Ben like this: And he decided to take a nap in sadness, bu...


Dtoid Community Discusses E3 Edition: Sony

Welcome to the last edition of the E3 coverage of Dtoid Community Discusses! Today, we focus on Sony's presenation...to check out the Microsoft edition and Nintendo edition just click on those links! To read what Guttlesswonder, Tdiddy, ...


Dtoid Community Discusses E3 Edition: Nintendo

Welcome back to part 2 of the epic E3 Destructoid Community Discusses! On Monday, we brought you impressions of Microsoft's presentation by Dtoid community members (which you can check out here. For today's edition, we bring you impressi...


Dtoid Community Discusses E3 Edition: Microsoft

Welcome to an extra special edition of Dtoid Community Discusses! Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that E3 happened last week. Destructoid has brought you the greatest coverage of one of the largest game conventions, fro...


Dtoid Community Discusses pt 15: Level Design

Hey there! Sorry for the day late DCD, but I had an EPIC day of volleyball on Sunday, which cause me to pass out really early and not have time to put this together.....but its here now, so you can stop writing your congressman about the l...


Dtoid Community Discusses pt 12: GDC

Hey all! Long time no discuss! Its been a crazy month with the Anniversary party and GDC happenings here in San Francisco that its been pretty hard to keep my blogging going. Coupled with the fact that grad school has been really busy la...


GDC '09: Destructoid knows how to party

The Game Developers conference has come and gone, and Destructoid has been working hard to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news.... ...but look, Destructoid also drinks. And therefore I bring you pictures of how Destructoid likes ...


En memoria de Senor Alejandro

Soy muy triste esta noche por que unos de mis amigos se murio...Vexed Alejandro era un amigo muy amable y tienia un grande corazon. Un momento, el estaba hablando con nosotros en Skype, y un otro momento, dormio y seguiente vomito encima d...


Dtoid Community Discusses pt 11: Destructoid

Its Destructoidís and Nieroís Birthday today, and to celebrate, Iíve decided to put together a very special Dtoid Community Discusses! I was originally going to take the week off because of all the birthday C-blogs that I knew were going t...


Dtoid Community Discusses pt 10: Iconic Games

Time for the tenth edition of Dtoid Community Discusses! This week we have a whopper of a discussion about iconic games. There are tons of videogames out on the market, but only a few that can even be considered iconic games. As usual, h...


Dtoid Community Discusses pt 6: Games that suck

Its time for another Dtoid Community Discusses, and this week we are delving into the scary world of crappy games. This week, our panel consists of Elem08, Prof Pew, Yashoki, and Poopface Morty. As always to check out some previous editio...


10 things you probably didnt know about Tactix

Whoa! There are a ton of these on the C-blogs! I've been reading some, and, although I despise chain letters and the like, I've learned so much about members of the Dtoid community that this is actually pretty awesome! So therefore, I pr...


Dtoid Community Discusses!: Achievements

"Dtoid Community Discusses!" Pt 2: Achievements Welcome to another edition of Dtoid Community Discusses! I'm glad that many people enjoyed the last edition we had about DLC, which you can find here. Anyway, this week I decided to turn th...


TheGHost as Santa = Major Win

As many of you may know, I recently spent some time in LA with TheGHost and DtoidLA. While there, theGHost, asks me a very strange question. "Did you receive a package in the mail?" It doesn't take being a graduate student to see that Th...


Bionic Commando impressions

My last entry into the coverage of the Capcom RE5/Bionic Commando event is below! Like last time, for actual coverage of Bionic Commando, check out CTZís post here. Bionic Commando I can start this impression with almost the exact opposi...


Resident Evil 5 Impressions

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently had the chance to play Resident Evil 5 and Bionic Commando at an event hosted by Capcom in San Francisco. I decided to separate my blog into two parts to allow my impressions of the game to have t...


About Jesse Cortezone of us since 4:34 AM on 01.13.2007


I am a Ph. D. chemist from the University of California, Berkeley. I have been playing videogames since as long as I can remember! My past favorite games include Secret of Mana, TMNT: Turtles in Time, the Resident Evil series (Jill is SUCH as master of unlocking), FFVII, Smash Bros Melee, and many others.

I've definitely gone through phases in my gaming "career". I used to LOVE fighting games in the time of Tekken Tag and Marvel vs Capcom II (my favorite fighting game), but now I find myself drawn to the more story driven games, and very recently, the music games....:)

But....fighting games are making a comeback! SFIV! MvC3! BlazBlue! Beware everyone, Tactix has put a quarter on the screen and is challenging you for battle!

It was mere chance that brought me to Destructoid back in early 2007, and through it all I've stayed because of the great writing staff, a community that cares, and lots of new internet and IRL friends. Destructoid has changed my life. True story.

If you live in the SF Bay Area, check out the DtoidSanFrancisco C-blog and join the Google Group!


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