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David Lynch or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Weird

I have to come out and say it. I LOVE DAVID LYNCH. Like if he was walking down the street I would maybe offer him a sexual favor... Well maybe not that much, but you get the gist if it.

My first Lynch film was a little piece called "Lost Highway". It starred Bill Pullman and a very sexy Patricia Arquette. Google it if you haven't seen it to at least get an idea of what goes on in the movie.I was intrigued by it but did not fully appreciate it due to some weird(even for a Lynch film)story devices; if you see it you'll know what I mean.

After that, I made it my life's duty to try and experience as many Lynch films as I could, and hope that my eyes wouldn't bleed out due to the fact that my brain would explode from the overload of weird that emanates from every single frame of David Lynch's films, and so far so good, although I did experience a headache trying to follow the story in his most recent film "Inland Empire".

My favorite Lynch film thus far, just happens to be the 80's classic, Blue Velvet. Boy what a film... I don't want to get into details for those of you who have yet to see it but just thinking of Dennis Hopper and that gas tank just gets me all hot, in a totally non weird way of course...yeah...

The point of this post is to see what my fellow D-Toiders have to say about that genius, madman, psycho, prophet, that is David Lynch.

P.S. Feel free to post the title of your favorite Lynch film, or ask questions about things you didn't get and such, heck if you don't know who this Lynch person this weirdo is talking about go ahead and ask, or you could just google it you know, cause I'm kind of too lazy to answer that many questions...
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