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How the XboxOne could get worse (realistically)

As we all have been following the news surrounding this massive failure there is a part that I haven't heard and it's a nightmare scenario.

Let's examine the facts.

1. The XboxOne needs to phone home once every 24 hours.
This in itself is already pretty bad.
2. If it can't phone home it will shut down the whole game part of being a game console and just be a blue ray player with a motion controlled remote.
3. Behind all this are Microsoft authentication servers, who will verify the phone home and allow it to continue to be a game console.
4. A new Xbox is already planned.

Let's combine all this into the worst case scenario.
When Microsoft releases their next console what will happen to all of those authentication servers?
Will Microsoft simply shut them all down when the new Xbox launches, forcing people who want to continue to play games to buy that new console (or understandably buy one from a different maker). Within 24 hours after Microsoft pulls that plug every single XboxOne will become nothing more than a Blue Ray player.

While this seems far fetched and completely idiotic, we need to remember that the XboxOne can only function when it has had that authentication signal with a server.
It's also completely conceivable and understandable that Microsoft isn't going to continue running those servers.
So they will choose the optimal time to pull the plug on them, and this will mean that people will never again be able to use their XboxOne as anything other than a blue ray player.

This is very sad and very frightening.
What if they choose to do it when a good amount of people are still using it and Microsoft considers that to not be a problem?
Can we entrust people like that to dictate what we do with our own property?
Is the console itself the "service" Microsoft is talking about.
Is the game console functioning as a game console a "service"?

I'll just leave you with those thoughts.
I hope you didn't preorder one.

An even worse part occurred to me.
What if maintenance or hacking brought down the authentication servers for a few days. If those are brought down, the authentication cannot happen and the XboxOne will shut down.
If this could last for more than 24 hours, every single XboxOne on the planet will be unusable.
This then truly means that the console itself is a service, gaming is done by the grace of Microsoft and their ability to keep their servers running and don't anger any hackers.
This is a very scary idea and for this reason alone the XboxOne should be avoided if not legally scrutinised.
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