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Monthly Musings "Sex"

Sex is the culmination of something. It can make us feel appreciated, or used. It can have a purpose bigger and far more reaching than the act or the chase up to it. If that isnt captured in a video game character then it kind of feels like...


About Jelly Lordone of us since 5:06 AM on 03.15.2010

I remember it like it was yesterday, mesmerised by the flashing lights of a pacman game in an arcade, simple times, heaps of fun. As much as I love games now, im still chasing the dream of my first love, the first hit of adrenaline, the first time your own initials own the high score, the first time your arcade cabinet was surrounded by bystanders in awe at your prowess at defender...

Favorites games are JRPG, really enjoyed fallout3. I would enjoy FPS if only my reflexes didnt have a 3 sec time delay, I used to blame my online failures with lag, but I think "Im" the hardware problem :) Still give em a good go though.

Just started collecting video game action figures, and am compiling a list of back catalouge games to look out for.

As much as I love my HC games, I secretly like buying the family the odd fun kids game. Sonic racing is next me thinks.

I live in New Zealand.
I love good wine
I love my Border collie puppy, we have called "Yoshi"
and last but not least I love my family.