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RE: 5 reasons why Dantes inferno is FAR BETTER than God of War

Ok first of all this is my first blog so sorry if I don't know how to format it well.

Anyways I just wanted to respond to Normal Gamer's 5 reasons that dante's inferno is better than god of war, but I thought I might need a little more space than in the comments section. NormalGamer let me just say this I am not arguing about your opinion that Dante's Inferno is better han GOW, but rather im just pointing out the MAJOR flaws in your reasoning. (I am quoting your blog and anything in [color=darkblue]Blue[/color] is from your blog)

[color=darkblue]"1. The story-
Seriously the whole mythology thing is over done in games. I know God of War is trying to be some epic trilogy but face it, it's outdated and way overdone. Dante's Inferno, on the other hand, was original. You don't see too many books (or poems for that matter) that were written in the early 1300's and are now button-mashing badass video games. I think the point is clear, get a new idea! "[/color]

Story is much like beauty. It is the eye of the beholder. For someone who is entusiastic about greek mythology and lore the God of War series is very intresting and deep. The amount of information that is taken directly from Greek myths,stories and culture is very deep and accurate. I am someone who enjoys Geek mythology and I can say when I saw the chimera in the demo I could tell what it was and was thrilled to fight it. You could say that this is atmosphere but I think that directly relates to story elements.

Again not saying Dante's story is bad just that God of Wars isn't bad either.

[color=darkblue]"2. Length-

God of War 3 was about 10 hours long, with unlocking everything mind you. That is not the bang for my buck that I want when I make a purchase. Call me cheap but I like to stretch my dollar as far as it can go. Dante's Inferno gives you two completely different routes to go (Holy and Unholy). It made the game much more in depth and made me feel like I had a real say in the story. Along with that, completely the game in 9-10 hours with all the collectibles is impossible. Oh and guess what? GoW 3 has no replay feature, so once you're done, you're done. Dante's at least had "Resurrection Mode" "[/color]

Ok so replay value and length. Arbitrary. For different people replaying a game can be fun or pointless. It depends on how good the experince was FOR THAT PERSON and how much they liked the story. As I can see that you didn't like the story it is obvous why you don't see replay value in the game. But if someone does like the story or the game in anyway they will replay it. I have played through the original ratchet and clank over 50 times and I stil have fun. (A runthrough woul take me about 8 hours for that game.)

[color=darkblue]"3. Fan Boys-

You guys have yet again managed to over hype and ruin another franchise, way to go. The way you unfairly treated Dante's Inferno was for no real reason at all. Because it's like God of War? So what if it fell in the same genre. I don't bash Need for Speed cause it's not Gran Turismo... they both have cars what should I do!?!? Give it a rest fan boys and get a life. "[/color]

Some kid hyping over a game before i comes out does not actually affect how good the game is. Do you think the developer is gonna do anything diffrent based on what some fanboys write on the intenet?

[color=darkblue]"4. Main Character-

Kratos lets face it is an epic douche. Boo hoo i wanna fight Zeus.... give me a break. Poor little Kratos doesn't have a daddy. You're the puss-bag that gave up your soul to Ares because you were afraid of dying. Face your mistakes. Dante is fighting for his soul, redemption, and for his life long love he so horrifically betrayed. Whats more epic? Facing pussy mythological villains that are a dime a dozen or heading down to the depths of hell to take on Lucifer in an epic one on one show down for your soul? I think the answer of who is a better character is a given."[/color]

Again your post here is mostly talking about the story and atmosphere of the game which is an opinion and doesn't apply for every one. Dante and Kratos are very similar and while you pefer Dantes motives doesn't make Kratos a bad character.

[color=darkblue]"5. One Liners-

Kratos is either really stupid or really corny. Dante managed to carry on conversations and toss out questions. Kratos is just an over roided meat head who hit the gym to many times after his penis shrank. Get with it man Dante is the new button mashing champ so lets hope God of War is done for good. "[/color]

I'm going to take a random guess here and say that you are Christain. No. Doesn't matter my point is that your find the backstory and conversations in Dantes Inferno better because you understand them more. I can tell you don't give two shits about anything to do with Greek Mythology and because of that you are going to miss out on a whole lot of backstory and probably won't be able to understand characters motives or goals because you can't relate to them. Sure we all think its bad ass to fight Satan as a final boss but in my view Zeus is just as much of a manipulating over powerful douchebag as the Devil is.

But at least we don't have to look as Zeus's Cock during the boss fight.

Last but not least we have this asshole comment you throw out to insult a guy who is just stating his opinion. The same way that you did and that I am right now.


ace you played the demo wow big deal don't post of things you have little to know knowledge about, i wouldn't post on your gay websites for i know nothing of that"[/color]

NormalGamer I hope you read this but please man don't try to insult me like you did to ace of knaves in your comments. Its really only embarassing to your self.

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