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Boomzies #15 - Pre-order Pandemonium


What is Boomzies? Simple, Mass Geek Debate! A live show about culture with no culture. It’s two guys talking and debating about culture with a live audience. We’ll take your questions via chat, phone, and video. All the while we make sure to include plenty of awkward pauses, sexual innuendo, and other politically incorrect behavior. New episodes are broadcast live every Saturday @ 11pm CST on Justin TV.

The fur flies in Issue #15 of Boomzies when Brian and Landon claw it out over the new Catwoman costume in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Are these new duds the cat’s meow or a chocking fur ball of suck? But wait there’s more! In our main topic we’re sorting out the laundry list of video game pre-order bonuses. With all these pre-order bonuses from countless retailers, how far does a gamer have to go and has it gotten just a little ridiculous? So take arms soldier and join the battle for truth, justice, and all things geek!

Boomzies Issue #15 video link
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